Documentary Australia Foundation

Next submission deadline is
16 May 2014

How DAF works?

  • $5.2Million
  • 768GRANTS
  • 613FILMS
  • Increase the effect
    of your donation...

    Documentaries bring to light stories illustrating philanthropic areas of focus. Documentaries raise public awareness, educate, effect change, entertain and aim to emotionally connect with audiences. Giving to documentaries increases the leverage of the philanthropic dollar by extending outreach and can significantly enhance the effectiveness of gift-giving programs.

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  • Engage & motivate
    your audience...

    Charitable organisations seeking philanthropic support for a project can work in collaboration with documentary filmmakers to increase the visibility and extend the impact of their work by using the media to reach out to a broader audience.

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  • Partner up and
    broaden your reach...

    Philanthropic donors are motivated to give. They give grants according to their guidelines and to projects that cover a broad cross-section of Australian society. The challenge is convincing them that your documentary project will give their grant a higher return on social capital over the hundreds of other applications they receive.

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  • The story behind the Documentary
    Australia Foundation initiative.