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EYE UNDER THE SEA - Feature Documentary | Multi-Platform | Gaming
A blue-chip action adventure underwater feature documentary, presented with class and humour.

'It is the story about the people who go underwater and take pictures. It is about their passion, their inventions and their discoveries; it is their 'eye under the sea' that shows and inform us of what is really going on down there.'

Most people look at the ocean as a place of mystery and fear. Our explorer knows differently; he sees the underwater world with his own eyes and the camera eye takes him to places only few venture. There is much to be discovered in the ocean and his explorations trigger his curiosity and he joins the world’s most legendary marine photographers, filmmakers and scientists. Their breathtaking pictures, iconic movies, surprising inventions and startling discoveries unveil the role of underwater images in changing the world. They challenge the viewer to come see what is going on in the ocean. We travel with our explorer on the tide of fear and enchantment, flashing back through portholes of time. He is in awe with the ocean and devastated by what he observes as he embarks on a quest to safe marine life from the abyss.

The A-STORY is the unique untold history of underwater image making. This revolution is embedded throughout the series in a non-linear fashion.

In the B-STORY our audience discovers that the ocean is not at all like in the movies. Our explorer meets with illustrious pioneers, rides the wave of emerging technologies that illuminate the darkness, and journeys to the Golden Age of underwater photography when mass media renders the ocean’s beauty and its bounty accessible to all. Today’s multi-media flood of undersea pictures expose surviving splendor versus an ocean in peril. Scientist’s virtual ocean modeling predict what will change depending on the choices we make. Our explorer joins the underwater photographers that are leading the way for the biggest change that is yet to come.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

A pioneer's adventure to save the Ocean from the Abyss.

For 150 years underwater cameras exposed the ocean's mysteries leaving it defenseless and exhausted. Ocean resources could feed and fuel us indefinitely, but we need to acknowledge its limits.

In the documentary our explorer aims to find solutions for marine life. Supported by influential experts, scientists and authorities in underwater media, they unveil how undersea images changed our perception of marine life and how predictive technology can help us transform again to create a sustainable future.

Bridging young people's virtual solutions with the experience of the older generation can forge significant results.

An interactive educational website invites the visitor to be part of the solution! It immerses the viewer into the blue to engage with a real ocean that needs solutions.

Eye under the Sea's inter-active time-line with Google interphases allows visitors, teachers and students a comprehensive learning experience in ocean exploration and adventure; from the early endeavors of the underwater pioneers, to the latest in oceanographic research.

Looking into the future, students and visitors develop strategies for sustainable management and the recovery of the ocean.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Our explorer discovers what went wrong with the ocean and vows he will find solutions. In a virtual ocean he extrapolates into the future, and depending on the choices he makes, comes up with different outcomes. Looking at 'before and after' images, resolve toxic environments, create marine reserves etc. The explorations come with a clear pay-off at the end of the feature documentary. The viewer is invited to go online or sms their solutions - so the audience gets actively involved! Later our explorer re-visit to see the victories and failures and what needs to be adapted to succeed. This will empower world-wide audiences to make a difference.

The viewer can identify themselves with the explorer and understand the consequences of human actions over time and help directly to save the world. The adventurer inspires individuals and the community to commit to live sustainably with the ocean.

The impact of the project is measured by its penetration into global visual and social media. This includes the popularity of the ongoing web-site, the interactive historical timeline database, other cross-media expressions and the integration into worldwide educational institutes setting a new vision for all ages for generations to come.

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Teachers and Students
Schools from Upper Primary to Senior Secondary
Home Schooling and Distance Education
Education Exhibitors, Questacon, Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, Maritime Museum
Sydney Aquarium, Australian Centre For The Moving Image


Subject Areas:
HSIE Human Society In Its Environment, Geography, Environment, Science,Marine Biology

Syllabus Topics:
Underwater Photography - History and Evolution, Oceanography - What is it?

Oceanic Marine Life, Marine Biologists, Biodiversity and Species, Oceanic Health, Managing our Oceans, Oceanic Environmental Protection Agencies, Government Action in Marine Preservation, Impacts of Fishing industry, Sustainable Fishing Futures


Teacher Endorsements:
Australian Science Teacher Association
Australian Geography Teacher Association

Direct Promotion to Schools:
National and State Annual Teacher Conventions
Science Week display

Screen Education:
Online Study Guide
Magazine Articles

Awards: (ATOM) Australian Teachers of Media Award
On-air: Promo tailing documentary screenings promoting web-site
Develop online cross-link relationship with the broadcasters on-air and online
David Wright
Rapture Productions
Total budget
90 Minutes