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Filmnews Digitisation Project, ADG


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Project Purpose & Description
The money raised will be used to digitise the entire collection of Filmnews via the National Library of Australia’s Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program.

Background: Filmnews was published from 1975 to 1994. Over time Filmnews came to represent the voice of the independent Australian film and video maker, while maintaining a broad brief, covering the areas of media production and practice, media policy, film culture and theory. It carried well-informed interviews with individual filmmakers (famous and obscure, local and foreign) side by side with critical interviews with policy-makers, film bureaucrats and broadcasters, side by side with analyses of institutions, funding regimes and media policies, side by side with sophisticated but accessible articles on current film theory debates.

Its history over that time is really a history of the independent film and video community over that period. The development of Filmnews is inextricably bound up with the growth of that sector of the industry, and the need for independent production to be more outward looking, better informed, and needing to understand the climate changes in the wider environment in which they operate. Filmnews has surveyed the development of individual film and videomakers and this necessarily means that of the growth and development of documentary makers. Much of the content of Filmnews is devoted to documentary, but it also shows how documentary is an integral part of the wider film community.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Filmnews will be an invaluable and free resource to students, researchers, critics, film lovers and interested general public. Filmnews is a valuable part of Australian film history and needs to be made more widely available.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

That this valuable resource can be freely and easily accessed and put to use by researchers, film critics, filmmakers, students and the general public. We can measure its impact by the number of downloads, visits to the site and responses we get from users.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

Once Filmnews is digitised and available on Trove, it will be freely accessible online to all filmmakers, researchers and other interested parties who want to find either individual articles or sample the wide range of material that it contains. We are also discussing other ways of publicising the fact that Filmnews is available on Trove, and this may include short articles in many relevant publications both locally and overseas.
Filmnews Collective
Filmnews Collective
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