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Set in the backstreets of Agra’s slums, GEETA follows one woman's journey as she fights for a better life for her three daughters.


Married at a young age, Geeta found herself in an abusive marriage, and continually harassed by her husband and in-laws for giving birth to girls. Geeta and her three daughters’ lives were changed forever when her husband,, egged on by his family, plotted and carried out an acid attack that critically injured Geeta, blinded her young daughter Neetu, and killed her newborn baby girl. Ostracized by her community and disowned by friends, Geeta pulled herself away from the brink of suicide and found the courage to fight for justice for herself and daughters and build a new life for all of them. From being forced – by social structures and property laws to remain living with her husband, to finding a way for her daughter Neetu to have life-changing eye operations, to becoming an independent and respected leader of the women of her community, Geeta’s story is wildly courageous and a stunning reminder of the power of love to create real and lasting change.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

GEETA will provide a unique insight into family violence that is affecting women in India and around the world. It is our belief that the film will have an important role to play within the global campaign to stop violence against women and will offer hope and inspiration to many groups who are still struggling to bring this issue to light in their local communities.

With the help of philanthropic foundations the message can be bigger, louder and travel further. Be it through investment into the actual filming of our documentaries, providing opportunities for training and creative input within the community, it’s social impact strategy or help with distribution and marketing to reach new audiences. In a world where many people find it hard to seek justice through existing legal systems, telling their story can sometimes be the only opportunity they have to seek action.

GEETA is an opportunity to bring new voices into the conversation about how to end violence in Australia and nurture new ideas for addressing the issue at a global level. Our films will potentially bring lots of networks together and trigger a range of follow on projects and community led initiatives.

As an organisation we believe that storytelling is a powerful conduit for social transformation and can be an impressive catalyst for community development, the challenging of harmful stereotypes, tackling isolation and socio-economic disadvantage, propelling urgent and important human rights issues to the fore and bringing about meaningful connections for people from all over the world.

We are looking for support from the philanthropic community to help us complete this film and take it out to 200 screens across Australia and New Zealand and into rural hard to reach audiences in India.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Our aim is for GEETA is to reach a wide International audience through a multifaceted distribution strategy using a mix of campaigning, traditional and online distribution methods. The film has been pitched for theatrical release, film festivals, community screenings and touring as well as for TV broadcast, cable, DVD, VOD, TOD and as an educational resource.THEATRICAL RELEASE Following the festival circuit, we plan to undertake an International theatrical release of the film in collaboration with a distributor and regional touring partners. In partnership with human rights and women’s rights organisations we will release this film on International Women’s Day 2018 and encourage the use of TOD platforms for distribution.COMMUNITY SCREENINGS Community screening will be an integral part of our distribution strategy and is where we think we can have the biggest impact. Our social impact producing team is already talking to rural venues and building a crowd of distribution partners within Australia, India and the UK. TV The film will be suitable for re-editing to a 60 minute length and will be a suitable product for a wide number of networks to consider. DVD SALES AND WEB STREAMING In addition to acquiring distribution, we will look for opportunities for the film to be on sale as a DVD or downloadable via VOD through Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. EDUCATION We are committed to building a dynamic and powerful social impact/education outreach strategy around this film and will be working closely with our partners, key organisations, educationalists, campaigners and activists to create educational resources and opportunities for grassroots audiences to engage with the film. In India we are working closely with representatives from the national public school system and large NGO’s to find ways to get the film into classrooms, universities and workplaces across India, in Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.ONLINE As a team we are building an extensive social media strategy that will direct online audiences to discussion forums, additional stories and updates related to the characters and international news about domestic violence. We have already built a following of 4103 people across social media platforms which gives us access to extensive networks and resources online.From the outset this production has taken a collaborative approach, undertaking a community consultation with representatives from the Indian diaspora in Australia as well as seeking advice from health practitioners and domestic violence experts across the world. This process has enabled us to develop strong relationships with the sector and build potential audiences at an early stage. We are looking to the films Bully and The Hunting Ground as inspiration for how effective our film might be in raising the profile of domestic violence at a global level and igniting urgent and respectful discussions within the Indian and wider community about what is really happening.
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