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Change The World TV Series
Change the World, the TV Series, was born out of desire by Producer Anne Tindall to make Television that is anything but banal and indulgent.\n\nThis vision has grown over the last 5 years into a powerful model of engagement between the filmmakers and local villagers in the remote community of Lospalos in Timor Leste, culminating in a made for television 3 part series titled 100 DAYS. A dream finally being realised!\n\nAfter 2 trips to Timor Leste and a huge Fundraiser in Australia, all the preparations are completed for the filming and building of a much needed Youth, Culture and Sustainability Centre in the village of Los Palos. Without the centre, the community has little chance of emerging from the crippling poverty it finds itself in after the devastating destruction of property and life by Indonesian forces ten years ago. Los Palos was the heart of the Resistance during Indonesian occupation and is now seen as the intellectual and creative hub of Timor.\n\nThis 3 part Documentary Series follows a team of ordinary Australians from diverse backgrounds that over a 100-day period build help the locals build the centre.\nAfter mass devastation of their homes and villages this incredibly resilient community are gradually rebuilding their lives. It’s a dramatic journey of self-discovery, as they will quickly learn that the Timorese have more to give to them than they have to the Timorese. \n\nThey learn to work as a team, learn from the locals what real hardship is: what they went through with their struggle for freedom, and ultimately they learn to face their own demons!\n\nThe model starts with building a strong relationship with the host country, discovering what their specific needs are and setting about helping them to make it happen. At the same time everyone involved from Australia goes on an eye opening journey of self discovery which is in turn passed on to the viewing audience.\n\nThe 'piece de resistance' of this model is the fact that we engage locals in the film making process, training them in all aspects of "indie" film making, something they all hunger after as they also know the power of multimedia production to further their cause. We leave the local communities with the training and all the equipment necessary to continue to produce films about themselves, their causes and future aspirations.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

This is a cross media project with a strong emphasis on alternative platforms for delivery of the key messages surrounding each issue. This offers philanthropic groups and individuals global reach for their particular interest or cause.\n\nAnticipated outlets include online channels, mobile, DVD and theatrical releases as well as mainstream free to air and cable TV.\n\nEach series will be designed to raise the cause of a particular project within the host country. For instance, the initial TV series will suit anyone with an association with the Timorese nation (eg: oil and gas, coffee, nation building, education, health and welfare, tourism), as well as the profile of the individual participants. \n\nSubsequent productions of the Change The World series will be adapted to different causes in different countries. We have productions currently targeted to Timor-Leste, Haiti, Laos and Nepal.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Change The World is committed to creating compelling television that has a worthwhile outcome for both the viewer and the location. \n\nThe outcomes for each series are simple and profound:\n1. The community gets to complete a critical (life changing) project\n2. The community is trained in professional media production\n3. The community is left with all the equipment and expertise to run a successful production house\n\nThe outreach strategy begins by engaging local organisations who play a part in the cause or need. For instance the Los Palos project is auspiced by ETWA - a Melbourne based not-for-profit organisation.\n\nETWA and Change The world sought to build community support ahead of the production by conducting a fundraiser to secure the resources. This display of goodwill is an unconditional contribution toward the community and is given without any obligation.\n\nOur success will be measured by the growth of our audiences across a range of broadcasting platforms.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

Skills training for the local community will be in accordance with their needs. For instance, the Timor-Leste series is focussed around the construction of an Arts and Sustainability centre. As part of the production we will be training local villagers in documentary making and will be handing over our production facilities at the end of the shoot.\n\nStudy guides and notes will be developed for high school students, tertiary education and corporate institutions. \n\nThe educational material will focus on:\n"Indie" Film Production\nAlternative Film Distribution Models \nLeadership Development \n\nA public relations campaign will be implemented through a recognized distributor.
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Anne Tindall
Total budget
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