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Wild Things


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Producer & Director
Sally Ingleton
Sally is one of Australia¹s most experienced award-winning Producer/Directors. Her documentaries are often ahead of the pack, alerting audiences to environmental issues way before they have hit the headlines. MUDDY WATERS:LIFE AND DEATH ON THE GREAT BARRIER REEF (2001 SBS) showed how land based pollution and climate change were impacting the Great Barrier Reef. SEED HUNTER (2008 ABC, RTE, ARTE France, National Geographic) told the remarkable story of how the genes from ancient crop seeds may help future proof our food. ACID OCEAN (2013 WGBH NOVA, ZDF, ARTE France and SBS) revealed how increased CO2 in the atmosphere is changing the ocean's chemistry. Sally has produced wildlife films PENGUIN ISLAND (ABC, BBC, Arte France), DEVIL ISLAND (ABC, ITV, France TV), KANGAROO MOB (ABC, PBS, RTBF, SVT) and POSSUM WARS (ABC, Arte France, SVT) and MIFF Festival favourites THE TENTH DANCER (ABC/BBC), MAO'S NEW SUIT (SBS/Channel Four) and JOHN GOLLINGS: EYE FOR ARCHITECTURE (SBS/AVRO).
Executive Producer
Shaun Miller
Shaun Miller is the principal of the sole practice law firm Shaun Miller Lawyers, which specialises in film and entertainment law. The firm predominantly acts for production companies that make film content, including documentary films. Legal services are provided at each stage in which that film content is made: development, financing, production, distribution and marketing. Shaun has specialised in film and entertainment law for nearly 20 years. He has over 200 “legals” credits and over 25 “executive producer” credits which can be found on his IMDb profile. Shaun also has a background working in film distribution and exhibition via Sharmill Films and Cinema Nova.