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“Being a team means picking each other up when they have fallen down. It means celebrating the individual successes and the team highs, and rallying together to work towards a common goal. It’s a place for fun, laughter, trust and support for anyone who joins. It’s a place where everyone has each other’s back. 

Being part of this team? I can’t think of any place I’d rather be.”

                                                                                              -Hannah “Wally” Wallett, No.14 Co-Captain BMFC

TEAM is a documentary film about the values instilled in each and every member of the Belconnen Magpies Football Club’s senior women’s team. The values of trust, determination, backing each other up, giving it a go and most of all striving to win.

There are super stars. There’s the new blood and old, those that have never kicked a ball and those who seem to have been born with one in their hand. Each player has their own story. Some have come from the highs of another sport, others from a footy fanatical family, and others still whose brother, father or partner has led them to the field.

But for each of them, it is that first tackle, bump, handball, mark or kick, and it is game on … this is a film about football and a team who want nothing more than to win.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Womens Australian Rules Football (AFLW) has had a huge impact, not only on women in the AFL, but on women in sport across the Australian community.

TEAM sees this issue being about all of us – women and men, philanthropic organisations, foundations, NGO’s and government agencies. All of which can help to engage communities throughout Australia, and internationally, to see the issues of equality, non-discrimination, diversity as a benefit to our society.

This is an inclusive story of an team striving to win and of individuals who's athletic goals are to be a part of a sport which has, in the public domain at least, been dominated by men.

TEAM offers all of us an opportunity to take this issues even further.

- TEAM is an ACT Office for Women 'Womens Grant 2017' grantee.

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Full and equal participation of women and girls is a human rights issue and the purpose of TEAM, a feature length documentary film, is to use the sport of Australian Rules Football (AFL), to show that full and equal participation is happening at the grass roots local level.

TEAM will use a sporting story to promote the potential of all women and girls within our community. Having behind it one of the oldest women’s AFL leagues in the nation. 

The ACT women’s AFL has a stella history of investing in women and girls and promoting and protecting the rights, wellbeing and potential of all the women and girls who play, train and support the game.

TEAM, through the characters of the film and the events which take place, will address issues of diversity and participation. With the aims and objectives of increasing the exposure of women in sport through promoting conversation and dialogue amongst community groups and sporting clubs.

We aim to work with the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) to develop a study guide and to have the film screen at schools throughout Australia. Through approaching the AFL and hopefully gaining their support we would also promote the film throughout the football and wider community as well as potentially broadcast into homes throughout the nation.

The film will screen at festivals both nationally and internationally bringing the topic of women in sport to the focus of people outside of the football and sporting community, pushing the conversation even further.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

TEAM is a unique position to be able to take advantage of a growing community of people not only interested in sport and the AFL but also those, men and women, looking towards sport as a career.

Our goal is to work with organisations that already support and sponsor the Belconnen Magpies Football Club along with those that support the AFL in the ACT. 

Through the support of the Documentary Australia Foundation we hope to be able to offer groups and organisations an incentive to support the film as well as supporting the issues of women in sport, equality, non-discrimination and diversity. 

We will run a crowdfunding campaign targeting individuals and offering t-shirts, footballs and signed team jumpers as a reward for support. This has been a successful strategy in the past and we see this along with support from the Documentary Australia Foundation as being a key element of our funding strategy.

Along the way, we would also hope to have conversations with the AFL, state and national film funding bodies and broadcasters as to their support in getting TEAM shown to the broader community. Continuing the conversations around women in sport, teamwork and the building of confidence amongst young women and girls.

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