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During a long hot summer, 40 girls and gender diverse youth aged 11 to 17 converge in Brunswick for the inaugural week-long GIRLS ROCK! MELBOURNE Camp.  Greeting them are a myriad of enthusiastic volunteers - local female rock legends, punk-ed up teachers, students and youth workers – all keen to empower the young female, trans and gender diverse participants through Rock ’n’ Roll. 

The formula is simple – over the course of a week long non-residential camp, each participant learns an instrument of their choice, is assigned a band, collaborates, writes a song and performs it in front of family and friends at a Rock’n’Roll showcase that balks at convention and challenges normalised ideas about what it means to be young and female. In addition, they are taught self- defence, learn how to plug in their own instruments, let loose in screaming workshops and are mentored by some of the industries punk-ass best. Melbourne’s first GIRLS ROCK! camp has all the right ingredients for a week of creativity, empowerment and general sticking-it-to the-man-ness. Surrounding the participants and providing invaluable mentorship are musicians COURTNEY BARNETT and CAMP COPE, local punk legends CABLE TIES, Australian-Sikh Slam Poet SUKJHIT KHALSA, Indigenous rapper and street poet LADY LASH, traditional Japanese musician NORIKO and a host of dedicated volunteers. 

Over the course of the week, and the months following camp, we follow a number of participants as they struggle to find their sense of belonging and identity through music. As the week, songs and bands progress the importance of the aim behind this rare community becomes increasingly apparent. For female, trans and gender diverse youth, this clearly is NO TIME FOR QUIET.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Our project is timely and relevant. NO TIME FOR QUIET celebrates and champions platforms and spaces that allow individuals to speak and create without fear, judgement or blame. Girls Rock! Camp engenders a sense of inclusion and empowerment amongst its female, trans and gender diverse participants. It aims to eliminate the need to compete, compare, and cut down others through respect and positive communication. It is DIY and on the edge and, importantly, entirely unique. It is a community that deserves recognition in order to inspire and encourage the cultivation of further safe and inclusive creative spaces.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?


 - Demonstrate the positive impact of inclusive and safe creative spaces for young female, trans and gender diverse youth. 

 - Educate a broad audience about contemporary gender identity issues and the impact of discrimination at an individual level. 


- Inspire and encourage the creation of further safe and inclusive creative spaces for female, trans and gender diverse youth to express themselves and advance towards greater visibility (and audibility!) in the wider community. 

- Create greater community understanding of gender diversity issues facing young people as a step towards awareness and acceptance. 

Hylton Shaw & Samantha Dinning
Philippa Campey EP: Claire Jager
Total budget
80 Minutes