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Around the World
Around the World is the untold story of one of the world’s most exciting new sports, freestyle football. The documentary follows the journeys of 10 freestylers from vastly different cultures and backgrounds. Their destination? The World Cup - the sport’s biggest prize. While the roads that have led them to where they are now are unique, they share a common goal - to become the Freestyle Football World Champion. 

 Each footballer’s story presents different challenges; adversity, hardship and injuries play a significant role. Now, professional freestylers will bare their art to the world for the first time, and share the journey that led many of them to a new life. Through struggles, motivation, doubts and successes, this documentary follows the athletes at close quarters. We get an in-depth insight into their daily lives and through this we gain an understanding as to what it takes to be at the forefront of a sport that’s taking the world by storm. 

 We chronicle the birth of the discipline, unpack motivational philosophies and lectures, and observe world-class training sessions and competitions. By painting a concise picture of the complexities of the freestyle football community, we start to understand what it is that makes them tick, and what their ambitions are for the years to come.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

We believe that this project meets the aims of a philanthropic foundation because it is a unique collection of human stories brought together by the love of expression. In this case, the expression is through sport and dance. The human stories are compelling and through this project we wish to tell their beautiful stories to the world.We have 8 different individuals that have battled through plenty of adversity to end up where they are. 

Around the World is a story of persistence and courage. A few examples of the athletes who meet the aims of a foundation like this are for one Juan Roberto, This man is the embodiment of motivation. Born with no arms, he had no choicebut to let his feet do the talking. He is an inspiration to people all over the world, even giving TEDx lectures about motivation and overcoming disability. Also Martin Kibera who has created an NGO in Kenya to get kids off the streets and away from crime by getting them to play football. The futures of many children in Kenya depend on this beautiful project.

 Freestyle football has changed Martin’s life for the better, and he hopes to help change the fate of kids who, like him, have come from unimaginably difficult circumstances. In which we intend to help through the production of this project. 

Another one to name is Caitlyn Schrepfer, who is a young Californian freestyler, and mixes freestyle with gym. She is a real inspiration for the growing female freestyle community and a leading representative for women in the sport that is dominated by men. She wishes to bring more and more women into the world of Freestyle Football.We strongly believe this story meets the aims of the foundation as it is giving voice to those who may not usually have the opportunity to do so. 

Being involved in such a small sport it is hard to use your voice, but with the growth of the developing sport we wish to give these artists/athletes the voice they deserve and to tell their story that will in which give inspiration to others who may suffer from the same disabilities and may show them the strength to chase their dreams.

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

We hope to achieve an international release with a great impact that will give voice to these amazing people. Our main focus is to provide these individuals with the means to tell their story and to impact other people who suffer from similar consequences to follow their dreams regardless of the hold backs and to immerse themselves in things they love. 

This story is one of inspiration and courage and the main objective is to create more of it.It is also a story that show cases a sport that is still very small in size but is growing year by year. With the amazing supporters and organisers of this sport we hope to give them a voice which will increase in the interest in this caring community sport.

 It is on an international level already but through this documentary being the first of it's kind we hope that we can push this sport into the limelight even more and to encourage kids to pick up a ball and be active, to then one day maybe even perform to crowds of thousands like our athletes do.We aim to measure the impact through our international release and how it goes at festivals. Through this we then can see how many people it has reached and what impact it has had on the people who have watched it.

 Through social media outlets we have already got a strong following on, we can follow up and gain insight from the audiences stories and how it impacted them and hopefully inspired them.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Having an international sales agent already on board who shares our exact beliefs and interests helps a lot in this area. They have plenty of strategies for the outreach of this documentary which we are happy to provide if needed.The education strategy of this, is again to help inspire people to chase their dreams. 

We are mainly focussing on those who have a disability or suffer from poverty and so on, so the strategy is to reach out to these people. Which through experience of our agent we have high hopes for targeting audiences that will benefit from watching this majorly in an educational sense. 

We also look to sponsor organisations such as the NGO organisation in Kenya who Martin (one of our athletes) is the founder of. This will create a massive outreach to kids suffering poverty and bring them off the streets and into class.

Tom Cheve, David Amouzegh, Clem Reubrecht
Tom Byrnes, Blake Northfield
Total budget
90 Minutes