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Greek Civil War - Makronisos (Working Title)


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At 83 years of age, Greek Australian Vasili reflects on his family’s traumatic experiences during and after the Greek Civil War and commences a journey visiting the islands of Makronisos and Ikaria where his father was exiled and tortured 70 years ago as a political prisoner, for standing up against fascism during WW2.

As a reflection of post traumatic stress and transgenerational trauma caused by civil war, Vasili’s journey is observed through the camera lens of his daughter Krys, who is the filmmaker of this documentary.  Together they seek answers for why these atrocities happened, to try and understand the causes and effects, in the hope that the same atrocities can stop repeating throughout the world. 


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Through the power of visual storytelling, personal experiences of civil war, exile, betrayal, persecution, torture, displacement and murder, not only gives victims and their families an opportunity to document their collective stories but to also provide them with a global voice in a world where history is repeating over and over again.

The documentary strongly aligns with the Documentary Australia Foundation, philanthropic community’s priority impact areas of social justice and human rights for all. 

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

There are four specific outcomes that this film aims to achieve. The impact of all four outcomes are easily measured!

1. Record these stories so that the world does not forget and history doesn’t repeat.

2. Encourage the Greek Ministry of Defence to release files on Makronisos prisoners.

3. Encourage the Greek Government to locate and identify the missing bodies of 350 Makronisos prisoners, who were murdered on the island and whose bodies were dumped in the sea at a secret location near Makronisos.

4. Support the Makronisos Museum in its efforts  to name all the political prisoners who were exiled in Makronisos during the Greek Civil War


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Through screening the documentary, give victims and their families an opportunity to tell their story, create a forum through a website where victims and their families can connect and discuss their experiences, educate the community and introduce the history of the civil war at schools as it’s been the best-kept secret within the Greek education system.
Krys Georgiadis
Total budget
60 Minutes