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Bone to Pick
LOGLINE:A pet owner switches his dog from processed food to a raw diet in an effort to cure a range of chronic illnesses. The dog’s dramatic recovery compels the owner to embark on a journey to confront the pet food industry and end the global epidemic of sick pets.PARAGRAPH:Bone to Pick“There’s no money in healthy pets, and there’s no money in dead pets. The money is in the middle - pets that are alive, sort of, but with one or more chronic conditions.”- Dr Richard Malik, University of SydneyLike ‘Super Size Me’ and ‘That Sugar Film’, ‘Bone to Pick’ challenges a multibillion dollar industry built on providing low cost and harmful foods to pets across the world.This film follows our celebrity Dan, and his beloved rescue dog, Charlie as they embark on a quest to cure Charlie’s chronic poor health. Dan switches Charlie from processed pet food to a 60-day diet of raw meat and bones whilst he is monitored by 3 international animal experts to track his progress. Charlie’s dramatic recovery surprises everyone and spurs Dan on to investigate the pet food industry that made Charlie so sick. Together they attempt to end the epidemic of ill-health and suffering of pets all over the world. This film will forever change the way you think about what you feed your pet.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

OVERVIEW:Pet obesity is an epidemic.At least one in three of our pet cats and dogs are overweight or obese. Obesity-related illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and cancer are on the up. In fact dogs and cats are dying of cancer more than ever before. As these rates rise, so do our vet bills and the risk of our pets facing early death. But at the same time the $60 billion pet industry continues to thrive. With $50 billion spent annually on food, medicine and vet care alone, it begs the question - who, or what, is killing our pets? We want to answer this question and instigate a worldwide change,Our impact strategy has 2 core goals: To raise pet owner awareness of healthy and natural diets for petsand Generate industry discussion around the research and education of pet nutritionThese 2 core goals will also be the foundation for the marketing, publicity and distribution strategies of the ‘Bone To Pick’ campaign. Pet owners and vets are passionate and often outspoken about wanting the best for the animals in their life. By involving them through the crowdfunding, production and distribution stages of the film we believe there is a strong capacity to create a powerful and long lasting social impact that will improve outcomes for pets the world over.In the long term we hope ‘Bone to Pick’ will change consumer behaviour and encourage a shift towards more species-appropriate diets for our pets.HOW WILL WE MEASURE OUR IMPACTWe will be able to measure of impact through:- Interest generated through crowdfunding launch- Partnerships with key advocates of species appropriate diets- Online discussions- The amount of community screenings held around the world via Fan-Force.- Online outreach and engagement to hear stories of people who decide to make the switch.
Jo-Anne Brechin
Danny Lachevre
Total budget
85 Minutes