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The Demo

Directors: Henry Boffin, Nathan Collet, Gareth Tillson

Australia's Refugee Policy is Globally Regarded as The Worst in The World

Australia has the most inhumane and restrictive Refugee Policies in the world. Every day, innocent men, women and children suffer illness, indignity and death in offshore detention facilities with no end in sight.

These people are trapped in filth, fear and hopelessness.

The Refugee Action Campaign (RAC) is a force for change for refugees.

Based in Canberra, the RAC works tirelessly to reach the hearts and minds of Australians through demonstrations, communication with detained refugees and political lobbying.

"The Demo" will chronicle these efforts, focusing on their upcoming Refugee Action March.

In an innovative story-telling effort, "The Demo" will be the product of the combined efforts of every individual involved in this demonstration for change.

Thousands of individual voices spanning from students, unionists, activists, religious organisations and other dedicated advocates for change will come together in an authentic and intimate video showcase of their efforts.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

The Demo - A Force for Change 

Australians everywhere are aware of the plight of refugees held on Australian soil.

Denied basic human decency, their situation grows more dire by the day.

"The Demo" will be a force for real change for these people.

Transforming everyday Aussies into change-makers and story-tellers “The Demo” will transform our frustrations into real change.

Reaching the hearts and minds of Australians everywhere, "The Demo" will highlight the efforts of people from your community - united to bring real change to refugees.

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

"The Demo" project works towards a simple goal - to raise awareness and drive engagement for refugee policy change.

Aiming to highlight the struggles for real change in Australia, "The Demo" will consist of a series of episodes, chronicling the authentic, personal stories of individuals involved in the push for policy change. Community members across Churchgoers, Students, Unionists, Activists, Politicians and Refugees will be the voice behind “The Demo”.

The episodes will be centered around these community members preparing for the March for Change in April. Each episode will build the narrative of "The Demo", gradually unveiling the groundswells of activity that culminates in the March for Change.

The March will be the final episode before the series is transformed into a feature length documentary.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Real change is dependent on the collective action of the community.

“The Demo” will be living proof of this concept. 

Every voice in the community will be harnessed as a force for telling the story of “The Demo”.

To ensure the community voices are cohesive, informational packages featuring professional story-tellers, filmmakers, experts, celebrities and influencers will be used to guide their content production.

Curated community-generated content will be woven together, giving “The Demo” an authentic voice with unlimited reach. These voices, shared through social networks in the community, will reach audiences exponentially while retaining their authenticity and message.

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Kai Eris and Julia Lincoln-Stefan
Total budget
60 Minutes