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CODES OF CONDUCT is a short documentary series and online educational portal that investigates the increasingly disturbing modern phenomena of young men committing physical and psychological violence. \n\nAccording to the Australian Bureau of Statistics males between the age 18 – 24 years have the highest incidence of physical assault in society which is characteristically perpetrated by more than one male who is unknown to the victim at the time of assault and which typically remains unreported to police authorities.\n\nUsing an innovative first person POV narrative technique, CODES OF CONDUCT will present a stylised series of short animated ‘memories’ that instantly immerse the user into the random and confronting world of violence in male behaviour.\n\nThis animated series of intimate and confronting 3-minute documentary episodes will analyse the anatomy of a common assault and introduce users to a content-rich site exploring a multitude of perspectives on such events. \n \nFeaturing interviews with victims, perpetrators, experts and a range of educational material and interactive elements, CODES OF CONDUCT will be an intriguing, challenging and educational experience for users.\n\nThe CODES OF CONDUCT site will be designed to resonate with the themes depicted in the documentary series. It will offer users a smooth and intuitive interface where content is curated by topical themes including:\n\n• view the 3 x 3 minute episode series “Assailants”, “Detention”, and “Intervention”;\n• view interviews with perpetrators who explain the behavioural triggers that led to their violence;\n• view interviews of men who have been the victims of violence who discuss their experiences and the impact it has had on their lives;\n• view interviews with a series of experts that charts the history of “Codes” that dictate group male behaviour;\n• view interviews with members of sports and male social clubs or groupings that have an explicit social “code”;\n• read and download educational, legal and psychological resources around male violence;\n• engage with clips from the series via an interactive menu that prompts the user to learn more about the issues surrounding male violence through multiple choice questions and other features.\n\nRather than simplifying this issue into a “victim vs perpetrator” debate, CODES OF CONDUCT will offer deeper, multi-dimensional content that sheds light on this increasingly more pervasive issue of our times.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Philanthropic foundations will be able to utilize the multi-faceted elements of the CODES OF CONDUCT project to deliver their organisational objectives and to promote and foster social inclusion throughout society. \n\nIn consultation with interested parties the objectives of philanthropic foundations will be incorporated into the early planning and development of CODES OF CONDUCT and its cross-platform applications.\n\nPhilanthropic foundations seeking to educate a broader community on the issues and affects of male group violence will be able to utilize the information and forum provided by the CODES OF CONDUCT website portal. They will be facilitated to initiate discussion and illustrate social justice issues that affect society at such a formative stage of male development; and can have the potential to damage the lives of all those involved with physical assault.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

The cross-platform documentary will build upon existing community groups prior to production to grow and develop the themes surrounding social inclusion and its importance to the safety and well being of society. The website will include participatory devices within the structure of the portal that will enable the audience to access and contribute to a range of specifically designed interactive elements.\n\nMeasurement of the multi-platform documentary CODES OF CONDUCT and its impact will be possible through a range of user interactions and contributions offered by the website. The online communities will be given opportunities to utilize material and comment on issues and areas of interest aligned with the outcomes desirous to the participating philanthropic foundations involved with the project. \n\nIn the same way that the short film and website BURN ( http://burn-movie.com.au ) presented a dynamic and compelling platform to better understand issues of youth group offending, CODES OF CONDUCT will connect its target audience through a combination of thought-provoking content and stylistic flair.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

Educational and outreach strategies will be determined early in the development stage of the project in consultation with foundations, organizations and stakeholders to deliver a range of options for the consumer of the material. The educational and outreach possibilities of the project will be explored in depth during the developmental phase and feature in the construction of the material across all platforms of CODES OF CONDUCT.\n\nThe website portal will be utilized to develop an informed community concerned with the issues surrounding physical assault. They will be invited to participate in its development and become an essential element of its growth through educational outreach to other groups, and their contributions to the project.
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