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Skating On Thin Ice

Skating On Thin Ice
Director /
Carlo Buralli, Bob Glover
2009 September
AUD $1.4 million
Four docuentaries (totalling 2 hours) minutes

About the film

Skating On Thin Ice Inc is proposing a four part documentary series. The series will be aimed at different age groups and will present the facts about methamphetamine (commonly known as "ice") abuse.

The first will run for 4 minutes for lower primary school school.
The second will run for 30 minutes for upper primary school.
The third for 30 minutes for secondary schools.
The programs designed for school children will strictly adhere to education guidelines and will be age appropriate.
The fourth will be for the wider community, air transmission time up to 1 hour (TV Time 42-48 minutes).

Skating On Thin Ice Inc will present real life stories from survivors, prisoners and family members whose lives have been affected by methamphetamine abuse.

Acknowledged by health professionals and law enforcement agencies alike, crystal methamphetamine is one of the most insidious, addictive and destructive drugs to emerge in recent history.

Children as young as eleven years old have been presented to emergency departments.
The aim of these documentaries is to inform the wider community about a drug that is taking an enormous toll on law enforcement and medical resources as well as tearing apart families and communities.

Total Project Budget

AUD $1.4 million

Length of Production

Four docuentaries (totalling 2 hours) minutes

Stage of Production


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

A growing percentage of our health system, law enforcement agencies and the wider population are having to cope with drug-induced, abusive behaviour. We believe that by helping our youth, and the general public, make informed choices about drug use, we may be able to stem the tide of drug abuse within our community. We believe that our project will initially provide some relief to families who do not know where to turn for help, but will benefit the wider community as a whole in time.

Though we are applying for funding in order to get the documentaries made and distributed to all primary and secondary schools in Western Australia, our office is staffed by volunteers who are donating their time and effort for a worthy cause.

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Skating on Thin Ice Inc's main objective is to educate school children, and the general population, on methamphetamine use and abuse in our community. At the same time it will offer information helpful to users and their families, including government and non-government agencies for support and direction.

Skating on Thin Ice will be conducting a survey which will be carried out in schools, both primary and secondary, as to the impact of the information contained in the DVDs.
The Departments of Health and Education will be conducting their own independent surveys.

The Drug and Alcohol Office and the Drug & Alcohol Research Team at Curtin University will be conducting their own independent survey.

What is your education and outreach strategy

Through the diversity of the four separate documentaries we will be providing a unique approach to the topic, as we will be catering for school children as well as adults. We believe this will form the foundation of a valuable resource for education and awareness within the community.

We propose to provide DVDs and written information to all primary and high schools throughout Western Australia. Our aim is that the DVD will be utilized as part of the Health syllabus at schools, while children will be taking pamphlets home in support.

Who are the filmmakers responsible for the project?

Time Line Productions Pty Ltd will be producing and directing the "Skating On Thin Ice "four part documentaries.

Timeline Productions' Director/Producer Carlo Buralli and Bob Glover both have over 25 yrs
experience in the film and television industry. Their skills have been recognised by
commercial industry with numerous awards.

They have worked with many clients including Heart Kids WA, the Health Department of WA and the University of Western Australia to name but a few. Timeline Productions is currently co-producing a documentary based on the collaboration of the Australian Art Orchestra and the Wagilak Gujarra / Nyilapidgi Musicians from Ngukurr, Arnhem Land.