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Ten New Documentaries Approved


We have approved ten new documentary projects! 

Ten new film applications to Documentary Australia were successful last month. These incredible films need your support to be made. If any of these issues resonate with you, click on the link to find out more and donate.

That Period Film by Tasha Lawson

That Period Film takes viewers on a confronting, eye-opening, sometimes uncomfortable and above all, highly educational journey around the globe to uncover ‘Why in 2016, we still can’t talk openly about periods!’.

Impact areas: Community, Education, Health & Wellbeing, Social Justice

A Peace of Nourishment by Annie Flynn

A Peace of Nourishment is a documentary series that provides a raw and revealing window into eating disorder recovery through the heart and mind of Kylie, who after 20 years of suffering a combination of anorexia and binge eating disorder, still fights every day with her relationship to food and her body.

Impact areas: Community, Education, Health & Wellbeing, Youth


Women’s Business by John Cherry

Outspoken academic Marcia Langton and her protégé, entrepreneur Josephine Cashman, are on a mission to bust the political correctness out of politics, so the voices of abused indigenous women can be heard, and lives can be saved.

Impact areas: Human Rights, Indigenous, Social Justice


From Bourke, With Love by Irene Ulman

Told by an Aboriginal man John Mackay who, as a boy, remembers being treated by a white Jewish doctor, Max Kamien – a man that did something for the boy’s town, Bourke, that changed indigenous lives for the better. Now forty years later the distinguished professor of medicine is heading back to Bourke to work again as a humble GP for the Aboriginal community. This deeply personal film is an intimate cross-racial and generational conversation as well as a raw, unflinching view of Bourke from the perspective of its Aboriginal residents.

Impact areas: Indigenous, Rural, Social Justice


Last Contact by Richard Keddie

Artist Vincent Fantauzzo embarks on a journey to paint the portraits of some of Australia's most famous indigenous artists. Vincent's journey becomes much more than that of a painter, as he immerses himself in their lives to find a deep spiritual and emotional connection with these incredible people. These nomads are dying - and Vincent's contact with them will be some of the last contact we will ever have with this extraordinary nomadic culture.

Impact Areas: Arts, Community, Environment, History, Indigenous


Scattered People by John Swatland

Two musicians seeking asylum in Australia encounter the Scattered People, a small band of kindred spirits who play music and create songs with asylum seekers and refugees as they discover their new identities. But will they find refuge in a country of sharply divided attitudes?

Impact areas: Arts, Community, Human Rights, Refugees, Social Justice


A Requiem For Cambodia by Aviva Ziegler

In 2017 a world tour premiering in Australia will present a new symphonic stage production to commemorate the genocide of two million Cambodians who died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge regime. This documentary will tell the story of staging ‘Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia’ as well as a one of human survival and the renaissance of an artistic life that disappeared along with more than a third of Cambodia's population less than forty years ago.

Impact areas: Arts, Community, History, Human Rights, Refugees, Rural, Social Justice


From The Bush To Beersheba by Nigel Trail

In 2014 stockman Ray Finn wanted to honour the forgotten Aboriginal servicemen of the Australian Light Horse Regiments of World War One. He packed a Light Horse uniform and headed to Alice Springs for ANZAC day. He couldn’t know the far-reaching effects of that simple gesture.

Impact areas: History, Human Rights, Indigenous, Youth


Reduced To Zero by Steven Pasvolsky

Dramatic, intimate and a real-life detective search, Reduced To Zero (or Searching for Angie) is the true story of Australian filmmaker and Oscar nominee Steve Pasvolsky as he embarks on an international search for an elderly South African woman who changed the course of his life.

Impact areas: Community, Social Justice

A Life On Death Row by Louis Dai

In 2013, Iwao Hakamada was released from death row in Japan having spent almost half a decade inside. Through Hakamada’s herculean struggle for freedom, we explore the monumental challenges that ordinary people face in a criminal justice system that is rigged from the start, and pry upon the secrecy surrounding the death penalty in Japan to expose the harsh brutality of life and death in the gallows.

Impact areas: Human Rights, Social Justice

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