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GoodPitch2 Australia films have upcoming screenings


We're very excited to share some Good Pitch Australia news!

Announcing upcoming screenings from the Good Pitch class of 2014 films Zach's Ceremony and Australian Premiere of The Opposition.

      Zach's Ceremony Tickets HERE from March 30.

      The Opposition Tickets HERE from May 4.


Zach's Ceremony is launching into cinemas nationally this Thursday 30 March!

About the film:

Zach’s Ceremony is an extraordinary feature-length documentary captured over ten years that shows one boy’s journey to manhood in a complex, emotionally driven story.

Growing up isn’t easy, especially for Zach who is rapidly making the transition from boyhood to manhood, in both the modern world and his ancient culture. Pressures from his loving, but staunch father, the temptations of city life and the ever-present spectre of racism all take their toll. Ultimately Zach must embrace the traditions and knowledge of his ancestors and awaken the warrior within.

The themes are universal: that of family and connection, while also exploring the fascinating and unique question of what it means to be a modern man belonging to the oldest living culture on earth.

Full list of cinema screenings can be found HERE


We are thrilled to announce The Opposition will have its Australian premiere screening as the opening night film of the Human Rights and Arts Film Festival (HRAFF) in Melbourne! 

The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF) is a not-for-profit arts organisation that explores diverse and inspiring human stories through the mediums of film, art, music and forums.

The premiere will be on Thursday, 4 May 2017, 6.30pm at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). The film will also screen as the opening night HRAFF film in Canberra on 29 May and in Brisbane on 1 June.

About the film:

Steeped in legal disputes designed to block its release, The Opposition details the struggle of 3,000 residents of the Paga Hill community in Papua New Guinea who watched helplessly as police bulldozed their homes to make way for a luxury resort.

Two community leaders rose to help, but were driven down different paths when faced with a choice – keep fighting for justice or join the enemy. Australian director Hollie Fifer’s pursuit of the truth, wherever it led, prompted one subject to file an injunction against the film’s release. Right triumphing over might never seemed so daunting.

For more information and to purchase opening night tickets, visit the HRAFF website HERE.

Another Good Pitch film Constance on the Edge will also be screening as part of the festival, the full program is released on April 4.

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