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Indigenous Program 

Documentary storytelling is the best way to engage people with the issues Indigenous people experience. 

Government, Indigenous communities and the wider Australian population agree that Indigenous Australians face disadvantage in many areas of life including health, education and employment, to name a few. 

DAF’s program allows for in-depth engagement with these issues while celebrating filmmakers and positive Indigenous stories. The Indigenous Program will foster partnerships between filmmakers, philanthropists and the social sector. With documentary storytelling at its heart, DAF inspires collaboration and encourages social action across a range of issues relevant to the indigenous experience.

“It’s exciting to connect like-minded funders and not-for-profits with filmmakers to amplify issues experienced by Indigenous Australians through the powerful medium of documentary.  Funding a documentary goes hand in hand with making sure it is seen, so a well-planned distribution strategy with an audience engagement campaign will deliver to funders the social impact they hope to see for their philanthropic support.” Mitzi Goldman, DAF CEO. 

The development and launch of the Indigenous Program is possible due to the generous support of Screen Australia and NITV.

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DAF is seeking a coalition of partners to support each Program area and the associated outreach, impact and evaluation campaigns. If you are interested in finding out more please email Lianne@documentaryaustralia.com.au


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