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Introduction for donors

Philanthropic donors and documentary filmmakers care about the same social issues. 


These shared interests can inspire partnerships that can be immensely powerful. By connecting with documentary filmmakers, you can work toward mutual goals and effect long-lasting and positive social change. 

How can documentaries increase the effectiveness of your giving?

By giving to social change documentaries, your philanthropy can become more effective and the impact of your giving more measurable and sustainable. You will see the effects of your philanthropy spread far beyond your initial act of giving, as the documentaries you help fund go on to produce tangible, positive and long-lasting social outcomes. 

To make giving to documentaries even easier, we have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, which means every documentary donation you make through our website will be tax deductible. 

For more on how giving to documentaries can enhance the effectiveness of your philanthropy, watch our video:


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