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Philanthropic donors, charities and documentary filmmakers care about the same community-minded themes and issues.

These shared interests can inspire partnerships that can be immensely powerful. Working together, these groups can achieve their mutual goals and effect long lasting change. 

Documentaries can increase the effectiveness of your giving


Grantmakers have found that their giving can become more effective, and the outcomes more measurable and sustainable. Through the increased reach of documentary film, grantmakers have seen that the act of philanthropy itself has spread, becoming better recognised and supported.

DAF offers a resource that aims to increase the effectiveness of grantmaking, and to educate and raise awareness around issues in the community through documentary film-making. In addition, DAF provides Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status or tax-deductibility status to Grantmakers and donors to enable them to make grants to relevant documentaries.

What is the Documentary Australia Foundation?


Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) is a private philanthropic initiative that aims to inspire and nurture partnerships between philanthropic grantmakers, charities and documentary filmmakers. The Foundation provides all the information, guides and resources to help them work together to achieve their mutual goals.



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