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Working with Charitable Organisations


Most foundations can only support organisations with charitable DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status. There are four clear and simple reasons why filmmakers should consider working with charitable organisations.

  1. They have the necessary DGR status required to enable the grantmaker to receive a tax deduction for their support.
  2. Many charities and non profits have existing relationships with foundations.
  3. A charity that has an established relationship with a foundation can offer the filmmaker credibility. When a filmmaker partners with a known and reputable charity it provides security to the grantmaker.
  4. When a filmmaker works with a charity it reinforces that the documentary is a good fit with the causes that the charity and the foundation supports.

For a full list of registered charities see the Australian Tax Office Website or Givewell who specialise in gathering information about charities and foundations.

See Guide for Charities for more information on what kind of partnerships will work for charitable organisations.


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