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Thanks to many who assisted, the film has now been completed and had its world premiere in Oct '17 at the Adelaide Int'l Film Festival where it was nominated for best documentary.  The film is presently being considered for exhibition at major film festivals. We now are looking to raise finance for our marketing and outreach strategy for an Australian cinema release.

FROM UNDER THE RUBBLE is a powerful story that puts a human face to war and gives voice to the civilian perspective.

The overwhelming majority of collateral damage in conflict zones are dead and wounded women and children who far outnumber the casualties incurred on the combatants. 

We live in a time when women and children have limited protection under international law. Zeinat Samouni and her seven children live with the shocking memory of what happened to their family during Operation Cast Lead that saw the father and four year old brother, along with forty-eight other Samouni family members killed and many more injured.

The psychological damage and trauma does not end. It continues on with each ensuing conflict. Zeinat's six year old daughter, Ansam, and her siblings have now lived through three wars. When the bombings begin, Zeinat blocks the windows and tells her children it is only a storm and what they hear is thunder and lightning. 

FROM UNDER THE RUBBLE is Zeinat and her childrens' personal experience of what happened in the week that the IDF came to their farming region to set up their base during Operation Cast Lead from January 2nd - 7th 2009. Their story is told through the use of archival footage, footage shot in present Gaza and an animation that the Samouni children created as part of their trauma recovery therapy. The documentary juxtaposes the innocent perspective of children with the harsh realities of war. Through their personal story we as filmmakers want to give an insight of the plight of women and children, not just in Gaza, but in conflict zones throughout the world. This story belongs to them all.

The film was produced with the assistance of the South Australian Film Corporation, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the Awesome Foundation and public contributions through goFundme and the Documentary Australia Foundation.  

Now that the film is finished we need your help to bring this film to as wide an audience as possible.

Anne Tsoulis
John Moore
Total budget
80 Minutes