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Environment | Social Justice
Charts the story of 78 female scientists as they embark on an epic journey to Antarctica. Fuelled by a growing mistrust of global leaders, the women want to change the startling prevalence of gender inequality in science. Following cutting edge leadership coaching, the scientists return home determined to up-end the leadership status quo and along the way reveal what’s possible when we get the gender balance right.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Films coupled with dedicated outreach campaigns have already demonstrated the great power they have in not only opening up a dialogue with a variety of people around critical social issues, but re-energising and catalysing action too. 

The BEAUTIFUL MINDS Outreach and Education project in partnership with Good Pitch Australia will work across sectors to bring a wide range of coalition partners together to make a lasting change for women in STEM. This extensive Outreach and Education project will increase awareness and participation of girls and women in STEM and entrepreneurship and inspire the current and next generation of women leaders - utilising the feature documentary BEAUTIFUL MINDS, a film which charts the journey of 77 female scientists undergoing extensive leadership training on a voyage to Antarctica. 

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

The broad vision is to place more female scientists at leadership tables around the world. 

We want our film to:

•Encourage girls into STEM subjects and careers

•Spark a conversation about why STEM and who its leaders are, matters to us all, rethinking traditional views of leadership 

•Reach new audiences with little understanding of the importance of female leadership in STEM and beyond

•Encourage women in STEM to seek support, camaraderie and create networks

•Convince individuals, corporations, schools and government that change is both required and possible.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Women feel it is TIME. The gender gap in Australia and around the world is growing. More and more research says that companies would be more profitable if more women were in leadership positions. Our film and the outreach campaign will be able to capture the zeitgeist, galvanise this movement, the desire for change, to get a national conversation going.

We are seeking to collaborate across industry, government and education sectors in our campaign to:

•Create multiple curriculum-aligned and gender inclusive materials for Australian schools to encourage girls into STEM and critical thinking about the nature of leadership

•Raise the profile of women in STEM to inspire girls and women currently in the STEM sector through a variety of aligned materials like podcasts, social media campaigns and new awards

•Sponsor public and private screening tours and Q&As

•Create materials for workplaces on achieving gender equality at the leadership table in STEM and beyond.

Ili Baré
Greer Simpkin
Total budget
90 Minutes