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Artist Vincent Fantauzzo embarks on a journey to paint the portraits of some of Australia's most famous indigenous artists. Specifically they are nomads who became artists, able to tell their stories on canvas. Vincent's journey becomes much more than that of a painter, as he immerses himself in their lives to find a deep spiritual and emotional connection with these incredible people. These nomads are dying - and Vincent's contact with them will be some of the last contact we will ever have with this extraordinary nomadic culture. Our film is a crucial record of some of the lives these people have lived.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

We hear a great deal about the problems of indigenous communities. This film is NOT that. It is a unique insight into the beauty and joy of a wonderful culture, told through their artists as storytellers. The key philanthropic premise of this film is to heighten awareness, respect, love and sensitivity towards our indigenous cultures, to help educate non-indigenous Australians, that we may be better able to support, preserve and develop these cultures. And learn from them.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

The film is a celebration of our indigenous culture - aiming to preserve and understand some of the life these people have lived, with the hope that it helps to heighten our interest and commitment tour indigenous communities. Ultimately it aims to encourage deeper inspection of their values, their society and their culture so that we may be able to learn more about ourselves and our Australian environment.

The main outcome we are seeking is to broaden non-indigenous Australians' knowledge and understanding of the rich indigenous culture which we have ignored. By this understanding we hope it will increase awareness and respect for the first Australians, and hopefully motivate people to learn more, and perhaps learn from this culture.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

Initially we are planning a small theatrical release to promote the film and generate interest and awareness. We will also seek TV release locally and overseas. We also think it will have a positive run in film festivals around the world. Then, ideally we hope to travel the film and the artworks Vincent and the indigenous artists are completing, to as many regional and city galleries as possible, to celebrate these amazing people. Art Galleries are happy to pay freight costs, and we think this is a very practical way to merge film and exhibition, and spread the story.
Total budget
80 Minutes