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The Oasis: 10 Years Later
10 years after the release of THE OASIS documentary, Major Paul Moulds travels around the state in search of 'his kids', the homeless young people from Sydney's inner city refuge, exploring how they have fared over the past decade in the wider world beyond his care. In transit between various lives he discusses and evaluates various aspects of the state and federal social welfare system – what has served the young people well and what has failed them.

Paul will also discuss how the recommendations of the National Youth Commission’s Australia’s Homeless Youth report and all the findings highlighted by THE OASIS initiative, have or have not been acted on and how the issue of youth homelessness has progressively slid off the political agenda.

In the tradition of the 1989 landmark film NOBODY'S CHILDREN and its sequel SOMEBODY NOW, THE OASIS - 10 YEARS LATER will provide a unique perspective of a small group of young lives affected by homelessness and its attendant issues of substance abuse, mental illness, childhood trauma, unemployment and welfare dependency.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Just as our original film THE OASIS brought issues of youth homelessness in inner city Sydney into the social and political consciousness, so too will this project provide a strong commentary on these social issues. The issue of youth homelessness has progressively slid off the political agenda in the last 8 years. This "10 Years Later" film aims to re-ignite debate and catalyse the necessary changes at both grassroots and political levels. It will be well aligned with the aims and aspirations of various philanthropic foundations in attempting to improve the lives of Australia’s most vulnerable children.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

This film aims to reignite interest and debate around youth homelessness as we approach the bi-partisan agreed year of 2020 to halve youth homelessness.
It will focus on activity in the sector since the 2008 NYC report and the Federal Government’s Green and White Papers were released. It will present new reports, focussing on best practice models in the sector, and will attempt to unite the sector with one voice as the project is presented to Federal and State Governments around Australia.
The philanthropic sector will be called on to collaborate with the project, and invest substantial sums into the Project and the sector. In addition, the existing resources around THE OASIS will be re-released, together with the new curriculum resource.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

A national strategy to be devised as collaborator and partnerships are built.

To include:
- Targeted national broadcast, engaging community discussion in online platforms
- Launch a National Education and Outreach Campaign during Youth Week 2018 in partnership with philanthropic foundations, schools and community which includes the following elements:
- National Curriculum Resource Package with THE OASIS - 10 YEARS LATER cross-curricula linked to English, PDHPE, Civics and Citizenship, Family and Community Studies in partnership with Cool Australia, Foundation for Young Australians and other community, philanthropic, education partners. This includes professional development learning materials and modules for teachers and social activation tools for students.
- Youth Ambassador Program, to offer the opportunity for young people have turned their lives around to represent the new film at community and school screenings
- Peer to peer online social media engagement

Eight years after THE OASIS was distributed to schools, Shark Island Productions still receive enquiries about the young people in the film. The 10 Years Later update will add to the impressive suite of education materials available to high schools.
Sascha Ettinger Epstein
Ian Darling and Mary Macrae
Total budget
55 Minutes