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Amp Camp
This uplifting documentary explores the psychological, physical and social complextities of being a teenager and living without a limb or limbs. Held over three days these inspiring young Australians canoe, horse ride, abseil, run and swim, make lasting friendships and discuss the deeper issues of life and their place within it. 

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Amp Camp reaches out to children and young people with a limb difference, their families and carers, and the amputee community with the message that being different is ok and to never give in. This project seeks to engage in effective social change and meets the aims of philanthropic organisations interested in: raising awareness of limb difference, exchanging of information, offering of support services, increased mobility and technological advancements in prosthetics and the overall enhancement of amputees health and wellbeing.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Amp Camp strives to raise awareness of children and young people with a limb difference and to challenge perceptions of amputees. One of the objectives of the film is to create targeted education tools for school age students with a focus on inclusiveness and equal opportunities for all. By sharing personal stories, Amp Camp shows its audience that amputees can be just as strong as their able-bodied counterparts, they simply have a different trait. By igniting dialogue around amputees and their healthcare requirements, it is also Amp Camp's objective for the Government and HealthCare system to prioritise issues such as: healthcare funding, the cost of prosthetics and access to specialist services in regional Australia. Increased knowledge of support networks, prosthetics, sporting opportunities, schemes and scholarships for amputees are also intended outcomes for the Amp Camp project.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

The Amp Camp project seeks to educate across multiple platforms including:
1. An ATOM study guide and education kit for school aged children with a focus on inclusivity, diversity and that being different is ok.
2. The Amp Camp DVD and additional Information kit to be available for parents and carers within Hospitals and Paediatric Limb Deficiency Clinics as well as Ronald McDonald Houses across Australia.

Through broadcast/ and or theatrical screenings, Amp Camp seeks to connect with audiences across Australia. Bespoke Cinema on Demand to targeted audiences in regional areas along with selection in Film Festivals that focus on Youth and/ or disability.
Claire Lindsay
Elisabeth Hiller and Paul Mayze
Total budget
60 Minutes