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Becoming Colleen: Finding the Shoe that Fits


Writer, Director & Producer
Ian W Thomson
Ian studied directing, acting and scriptwriting, and has gathered extensive international experience in Sydney, London, Barcelona, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin. He has written and directed documentaries about David Byrne, the Berlin Video Art Festival and most recently the internationally awarded ‘Out in the Line-Up’ about homosexuality in surfing. He has also written and directed the stage play ‘The Garden Fence’, and directed a theatre production of ‘The Open Relationship’. His first short film ‘Desiderata’ was a finalist in the Black Nail Film Festival, his short film ‘Atados’ was selected into the Budapest, York and Bogota Short Film Festivals and his most recent short film ‘The Invisible Edge’ has been selected by the London Independent Film Festival, the Mindscape Film Festival in Los Angeles and The Big Anxiety Festival in Sydney.
Associate Producer
Holly Woollard
Holly graduated with a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and has recently graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a Masters in Media Arts. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Editing from the Australian Television and Radio School. She has worked extensively as a project manager for large-scale theatre productions and events. as well as mixed media; touring nationally and internationally. As an emerging producer, her recent project Inferno VR has won and received recognition from numerous international film festivals. Her short documentary 'Mistaken Identities' has also been screened at the Caribbean Film Festival and SunChild International Environmental Film Festival this year. She is passionate about creating stories that advocate for minority groups and promote social change, as well as exploring new technologies and mediums for use in storytelling.