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THE POWER OF SOUND is global journey to discover what the ancients knew and what it means for us now. Sound has been central to our lives since the beginning of time, a fundamental force used to cement civilisations and shape consciousness. 

THE POWER OF SOUND series explores and compares timeless secrets from ancient sites and indigenous knowledge with the latest scientific insights, set in the context of todays far-reaching global media machine and the emergence of hiphop culture with it's profound empowerment and influence on at-risk youth. 

Gathering this wisdom from the 4 corners of the globe, witness Mark Robertson’s quest to shepherd forgotten knowledge to the fore, in an era where humanity is waking up. Watch as Mark explores mysteries and monuments of past high civilisations, interviews shaman and ancient tribes people, witnesses song and ceremony in action forging bonds of community and investigates modern advances in using Sound for everything from healing to weaponry. 

With masterful sound and vision, this dynamic POWER OF SOUND series is a sensory journey into ancient wisdom rediscovered as we plunge into the world of Sound and the universal vibration that binds us all, illuminating a new view of our modern world and perhaps a way forward for a generation whose society is becoming dangerously lost in conflict and noise. 

EP. #1 / AFRICA 







How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Mental Health is the single most important issue to Australian youth today now the #1 issue for 33.7% nationally, up from 14.9% in 2015 when over 400 youths took their own lives. This coupled with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths being 25 times more likely to be in detention, and 17 times more likely to be under some form of youth justice order than non-Indigenous children, we see the critically urgent need for effective, progressive programs to engage our youth meaningfully, fostering resilience and strengthening community inclusion. 

Mark Robertson has a proven track record of supplying pioneering youth education and empowerment programs via the arts into at-risk communities in both westernised and remote indigenous Australia. As Director of the not-for-profit One Vision Productions Ltd Mark’s social impact efforts have reached over 10,000 youth to date.As an incarcerated at-risk youth himself, Mark's early life turned around when a mentor stepped in. Soon afterwards Mark discovered the joy and sense of accomplishment found in music making, as he states "Music saved my life." Mark's deep connection with the vibrations music is carried on and it's power to affect consciousness and empower youth, inspired him to go deeper and create this global documentary series. 

As Mark travels the world investigating the true scope of THE POWER OF SOUND, we meet with other mentors and educators facilitating Arts programs to the local youth. We hear their stories confirming the life-changing positive impact of engaging in the arts and that the local hiphop culture has on struggling young lives, no matter where we are in the world. 

Having already filmed Episode #1 in Africa & Episode #2 in Mexico and USA, we are now in phase 2 of fundraising to help film the next steps of our inspired global story and continue developing the social change objectives we around around the film. We need a further $210,000 to film our next episode throughout Egypt and Israel, and to complete post-production on both that episode and Episodes #1 and #2 that we have already filmed. 

We are also seeking $25,000 for the next phase of our impact campaign to expand youth arts creative outreach programs that foster positive decision making and deepen understanding to the personal health dangers of exposure to industrial-military frequencies, particularly in relation to mobile phone use.

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Our 6-part documentary series and impact campaign aim to provide inspiring insight and practical empowerment for our youth today, who only 10.3% can report are "very happy" with their life. 

Illuminating a new view of our modern world using Sound as a window into the vibrations of all Life, we empower creative expression and resilience-building self-esteem making the stressors of modern life more manageable as we become more resourced internally, not just our youth but for our whole society. Illustrating on a deeply human level the power and impact of Sound and Vibration, we bring ancient wisdom and practices of forging and maintaining a harmonious, sustainable community to the fore and compare extensive similarities to what we find in the emergence of youth hiphop culture globally. 

"It's as if this culture of Hiphop has us coming back around full circle to who we are essentially as human beings." EMILE XY? (Educator, Hiphop Artist- Cape Town, South Africa)

We measure our social impact by data like the reduction of juvenile incarceration rates in engaged communities where creative youth social inclusion programs have run.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Our POWER OF SOUND online community has begun development across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo to network, promote and manage local screenings, community fundraisers and creative workshop events, as well as stay connected with all our interviewees and their respective communities. 

Our online channels will also circulate featured insights from the 6-part series to inspire empowering change for disadvantaged peoples, no matter their location or challenges.

Mark Robertson
Chris Liddell, Mark Robertson
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