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Night Becomes Day - a VR experience

Do you ‘tune-out’ when there’s yet another disaster, reminding us that we are all disrupted, directly or indirectly, by climate change, war and injustice.

Well, tune-in and celebrate. Night Becomes Day immerses us in the re-envisaging of meaningful living in a world that is rapidly reaching the tipping point of people being displaced.  

Somewhere in the world, one person is displaced every two minutes and by 2100, 100 million are predicted to be displaced by climate change alone, (UNCHR). 

Night Becomes Day is a behavior-change documentary that explores new paradigms of living a world of rising displacement.



Theo is a committed, occupational therapist managing human rights for the influx of over 60,000 people displaced from around the world to refugee camps in Greece.

Taking personal and professional risks, he works with teenager Sohail and artist Nakam, to unravel the secrets of working and living in 'limbo'. Of building meaningful lives and thriving communities.

With 360 video we step into their shoes and experience their journey from night to day – a journey anyone who’s ever felt lost can celebrate.


This 15 minute VR documentary story will be extended through 2D videos to form a professional training and advocacy package, for world-wide distribution.


Join Theo's life of working with children in Athen’s refugee camps.  View above 360 video.

VIEWING TIPS  360 or VR with headset / goggles.

 360 vs. VR

This site shows the video in Vimeo. Vimeo supports 360 video (monoscopic and stereoscopic), not true VR.

In 360:

Browsers display video In 360. Some guide you to view with the free Vimeo app. Click this and install app first. 

Move your mobile around to see in 360, or use < > on desktop.


It’s best to view in an Oculus Go or Gear VR headset.

1. Download the mp4 video file

2. Transfer to the Oculus Go or Gear VR with a computer

3. View the 360 video in Oculus Video app


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

The film’s 360 personal stories, together with accompanying 2D video, are a vital resources for informing current conversations on refugees, homelessness, mental health, nationalism, globalization and migration.

Online professional training, campaigns and advocacy programs will be built around the film’s stories. These explore the current paradigm of services and communities, towards a paradigm that positively responds to displacement. The social impact will be towards building communities that thrive because of displacement and not inspite of it.

The VR film and the accompanying 2D videos explore themes emerging from displacement. Issues that impact across all our communities. These are challenges associated with loss of work; meaningful occupation; family connectivity; identity and role change; poverty and homelessness; marginalisation and vulnerability; relationship breakdown; isolation; discrimination; mental health; violence and trauma.

The bite size media format applies best-practice content marketing and edutainment, maximising uptake by a digital audiences including students.

Organisations in the health, education and community sectors will be able to donate to the film’s production and then implement relevant sections in their training and advocacy programs.

We will be applying behavior-change communication principles to the story so that when combined with real-life complex characters, deep understanding and impact is achieved across multiple audiences.

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Filmed through a community lens with 360 and 2D video, audiences gain an immersive, personal experience of the work and lives of people living and working in limbo. 

They will gain depth of understanding of the emerging psycho-social and health themes, viewed from multiple perspectives.

There is a positive shift in attitudes, behavior change and professional practice towards refugees and displaced persons.

Skills are gained in cross-cultural communication and strategies for working and living with displaced people.

The film raises our understanding of how displaced persons’ lives and learnings are connected to all our lives.

The divide between “them and us” breaks down in recognition that displacement is not one person's or one country's problem, but one affecting all of us. 

The film has a greater reach and impact on service providers and stakeholders through publishing via multiple channels using contemporary communication technologies..

Meaningful engagement with the themes is accessed by broader audiences, facilitated through a combo of Virtual Reality and 2D video.

Greater access to media-rich education by organisations that otherwise would not have resources to develop this themselves.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

The ‘Champion’ Strategy. Donate and become a champion, a partner, and benefit.

The program is developed through investment and collaboration from all stakeholders, including participants. It responsively meets training and communication requirements of those organisations and individuals who donate.

The champion approach ensures the documentary has depth, integrity and stakeholder buy-in from start to finish.

Donate to become a champion and help us develop and deliver your training and communication requirements.


Transform the paradigm of community.

From early 2019, the film delivers training and advocacy programs for:

a) up-skilling professionals in social, education, health and community services;

b) shifting public attitudes and behaviour; and

c) supporting refugee advocacy.

The film calls us together to learn, change and act.

Donations will ensure a quick completion so episodes have a quick turnaround into training and advocacy programs. Benefits are ongoing and commence before the film is completed.

This program has already commenced production in Greece.


A “step into their shoes” opportunity for public raising awareness and flexible training application.

The 360 film will be a forerunner for productions in Australia.

The short 2D accompanying episodes will drill down into the themes providing rich media for social impact.

Each themed episode targets a diversity of education requirements, across disciplines and sectors.

Perfect for delivery via social media, e-Learning platforms and websites.


Currently the film forms a central scenario for the World Federation of Occupational Therapists global online training, and is being proposed for other health, welfare and education organisations.

Our social impact manager and e-Learning consultants can assist in the strategy and ‘how to’ implement the program for each donor’s requirements.


1. The World Federation of Occupational Therapy.

Goal: To create an online education program for their global membership and stakeholders.

2. Reality Learning Ltd.

Goal: To produce innovative, interactive scenarios that reach, impact and change community health wellbeing for marginalised people.

Daniel Bury - VR Director
Judith Hewitson - Writer/Producer
Total budget
15 Minutes