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Two loving men, an out-of-the-ordinary family and the gift of a baby girl — all out to discover the rainbow after the storm.

FAMILY is about a baby girl Eva, born in Edmonton, Canada, on 14 May 2018, weighing nine pounds, with light brown hair, a surrogate tummy mummy, a lesbian egg-donor auntie, two gay dads, a proudly supportive extended family of fourth generation Australian-Chinese aunties and a big rainbow world to discover. While a vocal minority in Australia persist with their claims that the the successful campaign to legalise same sex marriage is a threat to the moral foundations of society, FAMILY will follow Eva through the first eighteen months of her life to bring together the intertwining stories of her boundary-crossing family — connections that can be so startling, so thrilling and yet so ordinary, a big rainbow world for Eva to discover.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

‘Family’ meets the aims of this philanthropic foundation by seeking to affect positive social change by telling the story of one family that brings together intertwining stories each with layers where new links open the way to another discovery about what it means to be family--discoveries in connections that can be so startling, so thrilling and so ordinary, all at once.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

FAMILY is a feature-length documentary which will tell the intertwining stories of baby Eva and all those who make up her very diverse family. A family created through genetics, surrogacy and life changing events. A family of different cultures, sexualities and histories.

The film will work to break down preconceptions and stereotypes about non-traditional families. They face the same challenges, start with the same lack of knowledge, have to deal with the same bureaucracy and all the time love their child the same as any other family.

We will seek to screen the film both to the LGBTIQ community as well as the broader community in schools and community groups, and on platforms such as Doc Play, Stan and either of the ABC’s or SBS’s online platforms. 

Success will come from reaching a broad spectrum of the community and delivering on multiple platforms. Support from the Documentary Australia Foundation will help build our audience and bring this story to the broader Australian and international community.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

‘Family’ will reach out to its audience via our webpage, social media and through the Documentary Australia Foundation’s website. With more than 1500 people already following Non’D’Script and Kim Beamish, we will send out regular newsletters about the progress of the film.

Working with the LGBTIQ community and its supporters, and community and non-government organisations, we will access additional social media and active organisations to further the films outreach and audience.The film will also be targeted towards film festivals both nationally and internationally including specific LGBTIQ and documentary film festivals.

Broadcast options both nationally and internationally are being pursued and the film will have a cut down version edited specifically for television. Educational and mainstream distributors have already expressed interest and see potential in the subject matter and story.

Kim Beamish
Non'D'Script & Kim Beamish
Total budget
80 Minutes