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A Dry Hope - Greening The World's Deserts


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Imagine if you could turn the world's deserts into forests? Imagine if you could transform long dried up rivers into free flowing clean water, transforming the landscape into a diverse ecosystem once more? Imagine...if you could reverse climate change. 

Contrary to popular belief about veganism, we can do all of this, just by using cattle and sheep. This film will shock, inspire and empower the world to make a change from conventional agriculture and to act on climate change, ultimately securing a safer future for us all. 

In a world of worsening droughts and extreme weather events...this inspiring film will move the world into action. Featuring television presenter Khory Hancock (Environmental Scientist and Documentarian), 'A DRY HOPE' will showcase real life examples of 'regenerative agriculture' in outback Australia and Africa. The film will show complete transformations of our deteriorated landscapes from desert to carbon and vegetation rich country - just by using different farming methods (while showing the science behind this). It uses methods that mimics nature and what has happened for thousands of years (simulates the way elephants and buffaloes used to migrate constantly) and demonstrate how the whole world can follow suit.  

Showcasing agricultural greats and 'heroes' like Alan Savory (Holistic Institute, Zimbabwe and TED speaker) the film will explore areas of Australia and Africa during the worst droughts in history while seeking solutions to regenerate Australia’s landscapes in a rapidly changing climate.

 'We need to think differently about how we use our land, and that requires a change in mindset'.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Promotes social and environmental change by showcasing real life examples. It will present the challenges we face from climate change in Agriculture and how that impacts our society, economy and environment while providing solutions to these challenges. It will discuss ways to change the meaning we give something so we can shift our focus and perception of what is happening to our planet to start reversing the changes.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

'A Dry Hope' will influence graziers and consumers to change their food choices and management strategies to apply holistic and regenerative principles on their properties. It will be measured by the amount of graziers that have changed from conventional farming to regenerative practises.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

The Transitions Film Festival Australia have stated they will premier the film and production/distribution company 'Off The Fence' will aim to distribute it to channels such National Geographic and Discovery Channel.
Khory Hancock
Paul Van Kan, Khory Hancock
Total budget
40 Minutes