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A lonely housewife’s plan to end it all takes an unexpected turn when her last hurrah begins a radical journey of sexual exploration and personal re-invention.After 20 years as a dutiful housewife stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage, Morgana has had enough of her dreary life. Desperately lonely and starved of intimacy, she books a male escort for one last hurrah before ending it all.Her final night takes an unexpected turn when her relationship with the escort opens up a new world of personal and sexual freedom. After hearing about a competition for first time erotic filmmakers, Morgana directs and stars in a film about her own story, ‘Duty-Bound’. Unexpectedly her film wins, catapulting her into the international Feminist Porn community. Life merges with art as Morgana uses erotic filmmaking as a tool for creative catharsis, while struggling with demons from her past.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Through our brave character ‘Morgana’, we are exploring a sensitive, private, unseen part of life, which is normally only accessed behind closed doors, but affects all of us. The vastly important universal themes such as aging and sexuality, the human need for intimacy and touch, loneliness and isolation, the hunt for community and belonging and mental health are all things that are emotionally vital for the well being of us as humans. At a time when a new wave of sex positive feminism has risen to the forefront on the heels of the ‘Me Too’ movement, we are globally in a process of re-examining the role of women and questioning current representation of female sexuality which is primarily only shown through a male gaze and has dramatic under-representation of diversity of body types, skin colour and ages. Morgana’s story also naturally explores issues around traditional expectations of womanhood, how they interact with the freedom of the individual and how this can impact the arena of mental health. We are also exploring LGBTQI+ themes throughout, as our character embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery.We believe these are all deeply important humanistic topics, perfectly aligned with the ideas and spirit of a philanthropic foundation.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

Our desired outcome is to have our project facilitate strong discussions around our core themes of aging and sexuality, sex positivity, current male gaze dominated representation in pornography of a female sexuality that doesn’t reflect the majority of women or realistic sex and how that is skewering peoples ideas of what is expected of them in the bedroom, mental health, human isolation in modern times and LGBTQI+.  Judging from general responses and numerous personal emails received while making this film, it has become vastly clear to us that people are hungry for these particular topics and there is barely any representation of them in the media, particularly in the field of aging and sexuality.  We are definitely covering a range of poignant and under-represented themes, which Morgana’s personal journey has managed to touch on in a very organic and relatable way, opening the door to personal sharing, facilitating increased understanding, group empathy and compassion. We have set up our social media page as a hub of relevant information and a discussion platform for the community topics our film and character is related to, with a primary focus on body positivity, the sex positive movement and ageism, giving the audience an ability to engage in a safe non-judgemental way.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

We will offer a special package for both educators and interest groups intending to host their own private screenings, with an educational guide to accompany it, featuring key discussion points for afterwards. In academia, Morgana's work has already been utilised in the growing field of pornography studies, as well as feminist and sexuality researchers as an example of ethical porn. With the current ‘Me Too’ and renewed feminist climate, the sex positive message, particularly for the over 45 female audience has now become more mainstream than niche. We believe our project has the unique ability through the use of community outreach to educate and inform, foster a new level of understanding, change outdated and rigid attitudes, recognize and celebrate diversity of sexuality minorities and accelerate a change of perception that is hungered for across generations and within societies all around the world. There couldn’t be a better time for a project like ‘Morgana’ and we are very proud to have the opportunity to bring this Australian woman’s story to an international audience. This project will definitely make a social impact and the education and outreach strategy will ensure we harness the power of women.
Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess
Karina Astrup
Total budget
70 Minutes