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Occupy Groundswell

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Under The Sun Media is a team formed to produce a high-powered factual 60-minute documentary-drama film titled Occupy Groundswell as the feature of a touring show that includes live performances and making the ongoing multi-location Groundswell Forum broadcast series.

The film is based on studio and location footage captured throughout the global search by three diverse but intrinsically connected key characters who together progressively create a compelling and positive image for the future of humanity. The outcomes of their adventures become the pages of their story. Individual audience members will connect as they identify with the part they want to play in the tale as well. This will form a clear image for everyone of where our world is headed, and more so, what is truly possible for us. There will be the usual cast of hero, guides, experts, mentor, protagonists, and of course the proverbial antagonists.

Once ready to hit the road, the film, live performance staging and multi-camera outside-broadcast forum-series production will kick off on a world-wide tour in a format usually seen in a big-top circus tent with a circular centre main-stage, powerful sound and lighting rigs, satellite entertainment stages, and a multiple-big-screen projection system.

A new and relatively obscure global economy exists. Its worth exceeds US$500 billion annually. Yet this is no ordinary market. It is a social and conscious urge that traverses national borders - a worldwide awakening that sees over 100 million people in the developed world alone consciously seeking a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. They are called the Cultural Creatives, the Transmoderns.

The term Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (Acronym: LOHAS) describes individuals that fit this profile, and the market for the products and services they seek. The values of these consumers are reflected in the purchasing choices they make. New York Times described it as "The Biggest Market You've Never Heard Of". This is the core Occupy Groundswell audience. Can everyday consumers actually make big business change by spending their money differently?

We define capitalism as an economic system. We investigate the evolution of media as well as explore the roots of education, understanding and awareness in the younger generations and look to find the drivers behind this pursuit of global change as the tide turns. What does the planet earth of the future look like? Occupy Groundswell will be the trusted advisor.

Together we can achieve what we are proposing. On your own you can’t. On our own we can’t. You can collaborate with us.

This is NOT an era of change - it is a change of eras!


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

After years of research and much investment we have well-founded proof that right now over 70 percent of the world population is convinced that something serious has to be done about facing the dangers threatening our survival on the planet. Most of humanity wants to know how to make the change. It's a tipping-point time where things can move unbelievably fast.

This film appeals to the values and attitudes of an EXISTING audience seeking out transparent information about change, who are unafraid of authentic facts, dislike spin & hype, but still have a desire to be entertained in the process. These people are not fringe nor marginalised. They will relate, respond and many will become advocates. 

The film will also penetrate an EMERGING audience that have relatively recent awareness and a values profile less aligned than the EXISTING audience, and have yet to participate deeply in making change due to confusion and barriers.

The film holds no opinions but presents validated information. The outcome will allow informed, empowered, value-based choices made on individual, community, business and planetary levels.

We will continue forward with longevity via the Groundswell Focus channels by producing an ongoing educational and entertaining series of programs, alongside regular broadcasts of television-news-format media reports, and create exciting content as two-way communication platforms through live filmed forums. These "delivery mechanisms" will provide solutions to the search by people of all ages for trusted information and yield ongoing reliable resources and expert access.

It offers a whole groundswell of us as individuals a chance to join together to row a bigger boat than any of us can achieve on our own.

Milo, youngest actor on the team, is from Boulder in Colorado and joined Occupy Groundswell when he was eleven. He tells us in his own words in a promo shot for the project why younger generations will exhibit a significant audience presence: “Here’s the thing. This planet is not a place that kids will inherit at some point far off in the distant future. We share this planet already. We live here right now.”

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

As a result of viewing the film we can hope to see levels of behavioural change including increased awareness and consciousness around making value-aligned decisions.

Key to this is the fact that changes in our VALUES [these are our most important life priorities that are deeper than opinions and attitudes and much slower to change than most of us realise] added to our WORLDVIEW [our frame of reference regarding what life is all about and how we think the world really works] will totally reflect in our LIFESTYLE [how we will live and what we will buy, and this includes the choices and purchasing priorities that we will make across a range of categories].

Seeing we have a choice as individuals is important, and the pivotal task for Occupy Groundswell is taking that understanding to an exponentially increasing critical-mass of people fully knowing that if we mobilise together we can all affect business, government and therefore planetary outcomes.

This will be measured through digital and social media campaigns and research. They will be ongoing, interactive, and will include live filmed forums that will be post-produced for broadcast distribution and available on the Groundswell Focus web channels including specific surveys and their results.

We find that money is an excellent evaluation prism for business and consumer marketplace activity and trends, particularly in developed nations, because it is continually and accurately measured.

We will look at the tools of big business – efficiency, organisation, sophisticated measurement, cultivated management strategies – and monitor these subjects as we continue to discover that these need not necessarily be just about profit. They can also be about seeking equitable outcomes in the context of a healthy community and a sustainable planet, while still generating financial gain.

We will leave viewers with the knowledge that they are not alone. Occupy Groundswell will close the gap between perceived doom and gloom - and a better picture for ourselves, our families, our world.

What should we do? After watching this film you will know.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Occupy Groundswell is a global film project that will inspire countless millions of individuals to create necessary planetary change as a mobilised community working towards positive outcomes.

We are all positioned right in the middle of a change in world culture and it is happening very fast. The groundswell of "ordinary" people has more leverage for change now than at any other time in history. Occupy Groundswell is the platform that can assemble the numbers needed.

Demand for change continues to sweep the world in a succession of history-making economic, ecological and social events. Our planet cannot support the current unsustainable model.

With dozens of documentary films and hundreds of live large-footprint high-population shows and broadcasts to their credit, this dedicated team has been specifically assembled to create and deliver the entire production process including design, research, strategy, scripting, principal photography, post-production, staging, music, performers, video special effects, graphic design and animation elements.

This project is unique & different and nothing like it has been seen that can encompass all of the values, expertise, methodology, insights, research and innovation that reflect in the scope of the work undertaken and all of the people involved. 

What audience members and commercial partners in the project will share is a trusted media operation presenting validated need-to-know facts – without the usual opinions and attitudes - interwoven with thoroughly entertaining content enhanced by stunning visuals and a stimulating dose of live performances, music and humor added to the mix. 

Authentic information that can be relied on about sustainable business, products and services (including their supply chains) will also be presented as part of the initial and ongoing content generation.

Nothing new has been invented here. The difference is how the design elements and approach have been assembled. This is not going to be your usual movie and television series. Far from it.

Educational releases with case studies of the business and community leaders & mentors who are heading-up this change of awareness will be ongoing. 

They will be produced as the live-to-air forum touring broadcast series titled Groundswell Forum and will use the core values of the film with guest experts and key production personnel (presenters; producers; director) attending, and appropriate entertainment by profile supporting artists - including those artists that contributed music tracks to the production and launch tour of the film.

Occupy Groundswell will be positioned as a Trusted Advisor.

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