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Countless numbers of people are doubtful about the state of the world and where it's heading.


Environmental disasters? Social tragedies? Starving children? Ecological calamities? Mass extinction of species? Global warming going wild? Melting icecaps? Marginalized lifestyles? Economic crises? Threats of nuclear war? 


A robust team is creating Groundswell,  a timely, entertaining & factual film that delves into the reality of prevailing global dramas and probable solutions.


Unfolds as a unique broadcast series goes into production between on-location shoots & live-studio sets.


Develops 4 pivotal characters:

1.  Series host Andy interviews a sociologist in San Francisco about 25 years Cultural Creatives  research - 100+ million people creating  a new culture.

2.  Deni reports on the science underpinning the ecological system. She unearths viable answers to a vast question: "How rapidly are humans converging on a threshold of disaster?"

3.  “Earth's not a place that only involves kids far off in the distant future. We share this planet already," hears Milo as he investigates who's taking responsibility for a world that incoming generations inherit.

4.  News anchor David features the LOHAS [Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability] marketplace for sustainable products & services worth $US500+ billion per annum.


1.  Episode One draws a big audience.

2.  Solid international research validating over 100 million people actively living  a new culture raises exciting inevitable interest that must  be featured in Episode Two:

What is  this groundswell of humanity rising around the world?  Who are they?  How are they mobilising?  Will there need to be a revolution?  What are they seeking?

3.  Untold tales surface portraying courage and insight despite  obstacles such as unreliable mainstream media, contrived constraints on access to dependable information, and consistently frequent failure by business and politics to act authentically.

4.  A growing audience seek more stories on what is possible, unaware that antagonists preferring the status quo are scheming to close the broadcast down.


Groundswell  combines dramatic art with probing questions and cross-examination to unravel a powerful theme, filled with promise, that proves this is NOT an era of change - it’s a change of era.


How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?


Groundswell  appeals to the values and outlook of an EXISTING audience who are seeking out transparent information about change, are unafraid of authentic facts, dislike spin & hype, and have a desire to be entertained in the process. These people are not fringe nor marginalised. They will relate, respond and many will become advocates.

The film will also penetrate an EMERGING audience that have a relatively more recent awareness, and a values profile less aligned to making change, than the EXISTING audience. They are engaged though yet to participate deeply due to varying levels of confusion and a number of identified barriers.

It is significant that both are seeking information they can trust and learn from to make informed, value-based choices at individual, community, business and planetary levels.


Groundswell's  design as a short-duration film is key to creating ground-breaking impact as it tours the Worldwide Film Festival Circuit.  This approach, along with additional strategies for promotion & distribution, is focused on utilising Groundswell  as a compelling driver (a catalyst) to Under the Sun TV [UTSTV].

UTSTV  is a factual and entertaining broadcast series of ongoing episodes designed to both follow-on from, and co-exist with, the Groundswell  documentary-drama.

Content planning includes:

1.  Newsroom-format current reports.

2.  Presenter-driven investigative stories.

3.  Panel segments with experts shot in custom-designed studio sets.

4.  Multi-camera-coverage of live-crosses to regular touring forums featuring characters from Groundswell  as hosts, profile guests, big screens, live audiences, and a mix of on-stage performers.

The time-line for the production of the UTSTV  programming ideally needs to be underway prior to Groundswell's  release to capitalise on the film's stand-alone potency as a catalyst for the series.

Audiences, and strategic partners, will trust the validated need-to-know facts presented as entertaining content without  opinions, attitudes or scorn, and interwoven with stimulating doses of live performances, pragmatic technology, 'subtle' humour and stunning visuals.

Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?


Changes in our VALUES [these are our most important life priorities that are deeper than opinions and attitudes and much slower to change than most of us realise] added to our WORLDVIEW [our frame of reference regarding what life is all about and how we think the world really works] will totally reflect in our LIFESTYLE [how we will live and what we will buy, and this includes the choices and purchasing priorities that we will make across a range of categories].^

^Represented as an equation:   V+W=L

A crucial objective of the script development for the film has been to use this key understanding about the correlation between Values, Worldview & Lifestyle to examine how an exponentially increasing number of people* can mobilise together to impact business, government and therefore planetary outcomes.

*It became important during this development process to keep in context the fact that this "exponentially increasing number of people" CAN mobilise and CAN impact change and IS proven to have already exceeded 100 million human beings.


The tools used by big business – efficiency in processes; cultivated management and advertising planning; effective accumulation and organisation of resources; sophisticated measurement practice – will be continuously  monitored for newsworthy content for Groundswell  & UTSTV  because these need not necessarily be just about profit. They can also be about seeking equitable outcomes in the context of a healthy community and a sustainable planet, while still generating financial gain.

Money is a valuable evaluation prism, particularly in developed nations as it is continually and accurately measured. It will be utilised as a device for both Groundswell  & UTSTV  in the identification and creation of dependable feature stories about ethical and sustainable businesses, products & services (including comprehensive probes into supply chains).

Consumer marketplace activity and trends will be consistently covered as well, including a 'watch-dog' approach to observing Consumer-to-Business [C2B] communication conduits.


What is your education and outreach strategy?

Fact:  The entire population is positioned right in the middle of a transformation in world culture, and it's occurring rapidly.

Fact:  "Ordinary" people possess more leverage now  than during any other period of history.

Big Fact:  This planet cannot  support the current unsustainable model. It is utterly essential  that its inhabitants come to grips with this far-reaching truth.

Useful Fact:  The Groundswell  film will  have a powerful reach as it has the capability to assemble considerable audience numbers. This is feasible  since the blatant indicators that world-wide change is mandatory  [existing as a tragic succession of history-making economic, social and ecological occurrences]  continue to remain so obvious  to everyone, everywhere.

Reassuring Fact:  This won't  be the typical style of film that is usually expected for the topic. Far from it.

Useful Reassuring Fact:  Under the Sun Media [UTSM]  is a dedicated team that has congregated specifically to create and deliver the entire Groundswell  production process including design, research, strategy, scripting, principal photography, post-production, staging, music, performers, video special effects, graphic design and animation elements.

Reassuring Useful Fact:  UTSM  has successfully created and produced dozens of documentaries and programs, along with literally hundreds of large-footprint & high-population broadcasts, live shows and tours, over a period of more than two decades.  

As a Matter of Fact:  Groundswell  aims to close the gap between a perceived tale of doom and gloom ...  and a more desirable narrative with brighter pictures for all the life-forms playing a part in the world that sustains the stage for the whole show.



Please find the Groundswell Funding Model and Tax Deductions as well as more on the Measured & Provable Audience, the Cultural Creatives, and LOHAS - the $US500 billion+ per annum global economy.


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