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May 22, 2018


1.  A sudden gathering of force to do with a prominent or popular communal point of view.

2.  A surge of support, approval or enthusiasm, especially among the general public.

3.  An increase in awareness or acceptance of a particular value, belief or perspective among a large section of the population.

April 29, 2018
Groundswell Funding Model
The calculation:

$2,500 x 30 = $75,000

The thinking behind the maths:

* $2,500 is the amount assigned to a unit of funding.

* 30 is the number of $2,500 units that will achieve the $75,000 total.

* $75,000 is the budget figure to produce, distribute and market the Groundswell  docu-drama film.

* Contributions can be towards single, multiple or partial  units. When all 30 have been covered the scope of work will be underway immediately.

* A short pilot for the Under the Sun TV  ongoing series that Groundswell  serves as a catalyst for will also be created from the $75,000.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible:

* As an accredited film there is a tax deduction available through Documentary Australia Foundation. You lodge a contribution to Groundswell  and DAF issue your ATO receipt for your claim. There are no commercial returns associated with Groundswell. This is what makes the tax deduction possible.

* You can lodge a contribution to Groundswell  by clicking on the red DONATE TO THIS FILM button at the top of this page.

* There is also a 501(c) (3) tax deduction available in the USA. Select GET IN TOUCH for more detail.

April 28, 2018
Who are the Cultural Creatives?
An expanding sub-culture and relatively obscure global economy exists. Its worth exceeds US$500 billion annually with AU$26 billion of this in Australia. It has a conservatively estimated annual growth rate exceeding 15%. Yet this is no ordinary market. It is a social and conscious urge that traverses national borders - a worldwide awakening that sees well over 100 million people in the developed world alone consciously seeking a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. They are called the Cultural Creatives*. They are literally Creating a new Culture.

The term Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability (Acronym: LOHAS*) describes individuals that fit this profile, and the market for the products and services they seek. The values of these consumers are reflected in the purchasing choices they make. New York Times described LOHAS as "The Biggest Market You've Never Heard Of".

*Cultural Creatives and LOHAS are based on the work of US sociologist Dr Paul H. Ray PhD and research psychologist Dr Sherry Ruth Anderson PhD. Paul Ray is a Consulting Producer for the film and series.

*LOHAS research provided by Mobium Group from the Living LOHAS© Report. www.mobium.com.au

April 28, 2018
How does Groundswell fit with LOHAS?
LOHAS describes a type of consumer that actively seeks out healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, product and service options and the market for the products and services they buy.

The LOHAS consumers have been broken into 4 segments:

1. Leaders: They have extremely strong & deep values alignment with personal, community and planetary issues, which dictates their outlook and decision frames. They have strong levels of participation. They are the core of the Groundswell  existing audience.

2. Leaning: They have moderate values alignment and are positioned for further involvement. Many do participate however they are not yet completely engaged on all aspects. The top 50% of the Leaning segment has been included in the existing audience projection calculations for Groundswell  as they are in the Current Marketplace.

3. Learners: They have relatively recent awareness, their values profile is less aligned with LOHAS and in the main they have yet to participate deeply due to confusion and barriers but stand as a large potential market and emerging Groundswell  audience.

There is a common thread of ‘values’ consistent in consumer behaviours across each of these 3 defined marketplace segments that allows for a targeted approach to attracting and retaining audiences and customers with a LOHAS lifestyle.

4. Laggards: They have low levels of interest in health and sustainability and little intention to participate in the LOHAS market. They represent only a small percentage of the marketplace and have not been included in audience projections.

Source: Mobium Group Pty Ltd, Living LOHAS© Report, www.mobium.com.au

April 22, 2018
Stories ... it’s how you tell ‘em that really matters
It’s a pretty well-established truth that scientists working on climate change have rarely, if ever, managed to turn their story into one that popular media can embed or adopt. Likewise, world development and poverty issues are often in the news but struggle to get real cut-through with Western audiences. Neither of these problems is based on a lack of stories; it’s based on an inability to bring them to life in a way that fixes them in people’s minds.

We haven't invented anything new with the production planning for Groundswell.  The difference audiences will feel, and maybe even notice, however, is how the approach to design elements, research, characters, guests and entertainment elements has been assembled and integrated with the storyline and planned outcomes. This is not going to be your usual movie, touring live show and television series. Far from it.

Individual audience members will connect, and relate relative to their values and worldview, as they identify with the part they want to play in the tale that the Groundswell  film tells. This will form a clear image for everyone of where our world is headed, and more so, what is truly possible for us.

April 22, 2018
How's Groundswell going to serve a measured and provable audience?
Knowing the media consumption habits of individuals in the Cultural Creatives sub-culture and the LOHAS* market is an encouraging, expansive and differentiating factor. It is rare that a film or broadcast program comes with verified viewers and Groundswell  is positioned to serve a measured and provable audience.

Ratings speculation based on broadcaster time-slot performance, genre history or presumed general demographics of theatregoers is the basis of the traditional business model.

However, very differently to these 3 criteria, Groundswell  and Under the Sun TV  ongoing production, and the whole story around them, is designed with insight into what their audience is seeking and the barriers that exist. This allows optimum content design and delivery methodology to be embraced.

*Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability  -  www.lohas.com.au

April 22, 2018
Executive Producer says it's a big job!
Under The Sun Media has come together for the particular purpose of creating and delivering Groundswell  and the rolling Under The Sun TV  episodes.

Trevor Keightley - Executive Producers:

“Heading up a team with such a wealth of experience in delivering a broad range of productions, with workflow processes and systems providing agility and creativity, while maintaining robust budgets and deadline accountability, is a big job. For both of me.”

EP Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/underthesuntv