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Millions of people know about the problems in Afghanistan, but no one knows the REAL solution. In this compelling new film - GENERATION A - award winning director, Jasmin Kozowy, shines a spotlight on the untold story of the education system in Afghanistan. Triumphant and heartbreaking in equal measures, this film is a tribute to the unsung voices of those who are fighting for a brighter future. GENERATION A captures these individuals through their reflections of the conflicts, sacrifices and rewards of dedicating their lives to education. These everyday heroes span a range of different backgrounds; from teachers in refugee camps, university professors working in local colleges and NGO peace workers with their boots in the mud. Each share their unique personal story about devoting their lives fighting for Afghanistan with the weapon of education. GENERATION A features rare archival footage and captures intimate interviews with presidential candidate Ramazan Bashardost and Stanford law professor Eric Jenson to name a few. These acclaimed academics and political figures take a backseat to the spectrum of every day Afghans fighting for their country through education.

How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

Every child has the right to education, regardless of where you live, what your race is or whether or not you have a disability.
Education is fundamental to the development of human potential and full participation in a democratic society.
That's why it's recognised as a human right. By supporting GENERATION A you directly support that human right.
Aims & Objectives

What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

We are hoping we will inspire people who have watched the film and harness this energy for a call for action through
our partnership with GLOBAL CITIZEN.

Global Citizen is an advocacy group in the US that draws attention to issues of international importance and works for political change. Bill and Belinda Gates (among many others) have funded this initiative to the tune of $US2billion.

Global Citizen picks projects with big goals like Jasmin’s to educate in Afghanistan and they invite global leaders to make public commitments on stage at the event. Forbes then follows up to bring accountability.

Jasmin Kazowy’s action, will be calling on the Education Minister of Afghanistan to increase the number of teachers in Kabul to 2000. This event takes place in New York on September 26th. Huge international talent are attached every year, this year JAY-Z, Beyonce, No Doubt, The Roots and Carrie Underwood will be headlining the festival.

Jasmin was approached by their education director Michael Sheldrick and will be heading to the states to drum up publicity to create change education policy in Afghanistan.

In our sights are on shows such as Ellen – which we feel will help draw attention to the message of Jasmin’s film and her new project – building a school in Kabul.

What is your education and outreach strategy?

Currently we have a partnership with Rise
http://rise-foundation.org – they are a NGO that have set up refugee camps
in Kurdistan and have a solid network in setting up infrastructure. Tom
Robinson is not only a great friend but has devoted his life to creating
systems to give people a chance to create new and better lives in war torn

Our second partnership is with the Aschiana Organization
http://www.aschiana.com – this NGO have boots on the ground in Afghanistan
with their own schools in Kabul as well as learning centers inside various
refugee camps in Afghanistan. I had the honour of meeting with their
founder when I was last in Kabul.

Our short term goal is to support and strengthen RISE existing
educational programmes – we want to provide funding for school supplies,
teachers and “get children to school programs”. With this in the forefront
we will undertake a continuous needs assessments and determine our on the
ground strategy to set up our own facilities. Our mid-range goal is to
establish our own child educational spaces for those most in need -
ultimately to foster hope, opportunity and cooperation amongst all children
and youth regardless of ethno/social/religious backgrounds. Our long term
strategy is to maintain additional fund from both private and public
funding sources – like the Ministry of Foreign Education here in Australia.
Jasmin Kozowy
Jasmin Kozowy
Total budget
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