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Writer, Director
Andrew Garton
Producer / Writer / Director at Secession Films and Adjunct Industry Fellow, Communications and Media, Swinburne University. Former Program Director at Open Channel and Operations Manager at EngageMedia; former Creative Producer with City of Melbourne and Toy Satellite. Master of Arts in Interactive Media.
Post Sound Mix and Mastering
Simon Polinski
Simon Polinski is one of the most innovative and creative recording engineers in Australia. His background as a working musician and composer has gifted him with the ability to connect with the music he is recording and allows him to not only shape the sounds accordingly but to have a clear overview of the production and arrangement. His enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of the creative process makes for a very positive and relaxing environment to record in.

Simon is an Aria award winning producer, engineer and musician with over three decades experience in the music, film and television industry. Simon has taught sound design, mixing and production at NMIT Fairfield since 2005. He is an acknowledged expert in Protools, Logic Audio, Reason and many other popular recording platforms.

Simon has worked with hundreds of great local and international artists including The Church, Paul Kelly, Ollie Olsen, Stephen Cummings, Yothu Yindi, George Telek, David Bridie and Tim Finn.