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November 12, 2016
BHALT goes to Mumbai
Director Ros Horin recently went to Mumbai for the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star​, here is a special message about her trip: 

"I had a great time at Mumbai film festival. BHALT had 3 screenings in the World Cinema section, followed by very engaged Q&A's. It was wonderful to have so many men at the screenings, who all stayed on to discuss it intently after the film. We had very productive meetings with a number of local NGO's, who are keen to translate the film into Hindi so we can reach various communities across the country and hopefully get it into the hands of local social workers and women's organisations. Lots of exciting possibilities and more international film festivals to come".

Thank you for all of your support thus far. Unfortunately the subject of this film transcends borders and is an global issue we all face together. Our second phase of fundraising is to develop a social outreach campaign to make sure women all over the world are given the tools to heal and create safe platforms to openly discuss their experiences. Find out how you can help on our DAF page. 

July 6, 2016
Watch our trailer and spread the word
We are so excited to share our brand new cinema trailer with you. Watch it here and if you like it then share it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlUrvM_tKxI

You can also join our social channels to keep up with the latest news on the film

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Website: www.africanladiestroupe.com/

July 6, 2016
Time to take the film out to the world!
THE BAULKHAM HILLS AFRICAN LADIES TROUPE recently had its World Premiere screening at the Sydney International Film Festival and will screen at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August. In Sydney it received a standing ovation, was voted in the top 5 audience favourites for Australian documentaries, and garnered incredible audience reactions including from two of Australia’s most important filmmakers: 

Dr George Miller – Director of Mad Max: Fury Road "This film inspires in two important ways - art is at its best when it allows catharsis through storytelling and a nation is at its best when it provides a refuge for humanity to heal and flourish". 

Gillian Armstrong – Director of Oscar and Lucinda "The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe documentary is an overwhelming emotional experience. The journey of these extraordinary women is heartrending, heartfelt and ultimately uplifting.

What courage they all show. This is a must see, these are our refugees. Thank you Ros Horin for making it." 

We could not have reached that milestone without the generosity of the individuals and foundations that have supported us along the way. 

So what next? Well we are now in phase 2 of fundraising to help achieve our ambitious social change objectives around the film. We believe this film can be an important tool to help change attitudes, deepen understanding and build empathy amongst front line community services towards women who have experienced violence and trauma, particularly refugee women, and we hope and believe that the film will empower women to break the silence that so often exists around sexual assault. 

The incredible response from audiences affirms the importance of the wider Baulkham Hills African Ladies project and the role the film can play in assisting victims of trauma and abuse and in advocating to policy makers about the power of art to both heal trauma and build social cohesion. 

Please us help reach our goal. 

Thank you, Ros Horin 

April 11, 2016
A beautiful and powerful film is emerging
We are now close to finishing the edit of The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe  and a beautiful and powerful film is emerging. The film captures the women's journeys of transformation as the they become stronger, empowered, and to a large degree ‘healed”.  No longer victims, they have truly “found their voices”, and finally feel themselves.

The documentary looks at their powerful transformation, the newfound sense of well-being and empowerment as a result of turning their stories into art.

“I am here, but not here in every conversation”, “My feet are walking, but I am not moving forward”, “Just because you don’t speak about it, or try to ignore it, doesn’t mean it has gone away.” 

What makes this documentary absolutely original and appealing, is that it is made in an engaging and entertaining way. The film offers deep insight into the nature of trauma. The audience is invited to experience the women's raw emotions of feeling worthless, unwanted, closed off to the world and then powerful, respected and loved.

October 22, 2015
Where We Are Up To

Thank you to everyone who has supported so far! 

I am currently in the editing room with the wonderful editor Andrew Arestides. We are creating an artistic documentary that weaves observational verite footage of the process, with intimate, revealing interviews with the women and visually stunning images and key moments from the Theatre. 

We expect to have the film ready for distribution by March 2016. 

- Ros Horin