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The Tentmakers of Cairo


29 May 2016
Event Cinemas, Garden City, Brisbane (TUGG Screening)

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Event Cinemas, Garden City, QLD, Australia
16 May 2016
Ethnocineca, Vienna
Ethnocineca 2016: Ethnographic and Documentary Film Festival
Vienna, Austria
16 May 2016
The Ritz, Randwick (TUGG Screening)


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The Ritz Cinema, Sydney, Australia
5 May 2016
Wagga Wagga, Forum 6 Cinema (TUGG Screening)
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Forum 6 Cinema, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
29 April 2016
ETNOfilm, Croatia
The film takes the viewer on an empathic and original trip trough the Egyptian revolution and accurately portrays the complex political events that took place in the country, without using clichés, micro and macro perspectives, popular novelties, and millennial traditions like the pyramids and papyrus.
Rovinj, Croatia
22 March 2016
One World Romania, Bucharest
With patience, talent and humor, Beamish catches the air of the bazaar, with its inevitable fights, crams, negotiations, trash, smiles, incidents on the edge of violence or beyond it, pulsing with contradictions, hopes and resignation. In the meantime, the filmmaker creates very convincing portraits, making out of a few weavers memorable characters. The montage combines their individual fates with their equally individual opinions about the great politics. Iocan’s various clearings, spiced with teas and cigarettes, are intensely fueled by the ubiquitous televisions with news from the marketplaces full of protesters. 
Bucharest, Romania
19 March 2016
Luxor African Film Festival, Egypt
In competition as a part of the Freedom section of the Luxor African Film Festival which is one of the most prominent African film festivals in Africa.
Luxor, Egypt
11 November 2015
Canberra International Film Festival

Australian Premiere of an award-winning new work by Kim Beamish, a Canberra filmmaker and University of Canberra lecturer.

Spanning the turbulent years from Egypt’s 25 January 2011 revolution to the June 2014 election of Abdel Fatah Al Sisi, this intimate documentary observes turbulent events through the eyes of artisan tentmakers in Cairo.

After 18 days of unrest in early 2011, the tentmakers find themselves thrown into an unknown and unpredictable world as President Mubarak’s 40 year rule is brought to an end.

Celebrations turn to conflict as the tentmakers’ alley, a microcosm of Egyptian society, is infiltrated by propaganda, rumours and paranoia. Survival becomes the imperative as shops are burnt to the ground, traditions walked away from and poverty lingers.

Canberra, Australia
23 October 2015
Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York, USA

The Tentmakers of Cairo traces the story of Egypt's revolution from the beginning and follows each character as they develop with the times. Filmmaker Kim beamish captures some of the most remarkable close-up footage of one of the defining political crises of the decade.

Awarded the MARGARET MEAD FILMMAKER AWARD given to a filmmaker whose feature documentary displays artistic excellence and originality of storytelling technique while offering a new perspective on a culture or community remote from the majority of the festival audiences' experience.

New York, USA
21 April 2015
Visions du Reel, Switzerland
“A deeply original and empathetic approach to Egypt’s ‘revolution’, which masterfully deals with the complexity of major political events, carefully avoiding any kind of cliches and seamlessly combining micro and macro perspectives, breaking news and millennial traditions.” ­ Paolo Moretti, Visions du Reel

Awarded the PRIX BUYENS-CHAGOLL, awarded to a film of humanist dimensions focusing on stories developing values that confer meaning to the future of mankind.

Lyon, Switzerland