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Watch Gayby Baby - 99c on iTunes


It’s a critical moment in the marriage equality campaign.

We want everyone to have the tools to open positive and informed conversations about love, family and equality.

So throughout the Australian postal survey on marriage equality, distributor Madman Films has agreed to make Gayby Baby 99c on iTunes (AU)!  

To ensure voices from our community are heard beyond the political-media machine, we think it’s important that Gayby Baby is as widely accessible as possible. Right now, we feel its messages are vitally important.

Many of you have been working in your local community for a YES result and we hope the increased accessibility of the film can add to that incredible collective movement. We would love your help with spreading the word:

Please share this new Facebook Video with your networks.

If you would prefer to re-post or email the video, the file can be downloaded here.

Our message to Australia is this: Before you vote, get to know some of the families who are affected by the postal survey.
Watch the film, meet the families and get your survey in the post! 
Search for Gayby Baby on iTunes or visit thegaybyproject.com

Now let’s win marriage equality once and for all! Vote #YES!

*a note about sales - in case it wasn’t obvious, it’s not Gayby Baby's intention to make money from this. Any profit they generate from this period of iTunes sales will be donated to LGBTQIA+ youth and family support services.

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