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Documentary Australia Review


This special document traces our story from 2008 to 2016 and the accomplishments we have achieved for social change and documentaries – thank you to all our supporters for coming along with us on this journey!

We have grown from supporting 23 films in 2008 to 600 films now approved on our site. 

Through your support we were able to upgrade our website infrastructure so that filmmakers can crowd-fund for their projects helping spread the word of the importance of documentaries and build their own communities.

Our partnership with Shark Island Institute brings you Good Pitch² supporting thirteen outstanding films each with a powerful agenda for social impact.

We have also partnered with the Sydney Film Festival sponsoring an award for outstanding Australian documentary and we are thrilled that 7 out of the 10 films up for the award this year are DAF films. 

Our three to five year strategic plan includes a focus on six new program areas, which began with the launch of our Indigenous program in 2015. The Indigenous program allows for celebrating positive indigenous stories, supporting indigenous filmmakers and linking them to the organisations working at the coalface of Aboriginal disempowerment. 

In July we will be launching our Youth and Education program, which will work with teachers and students through educational initiatives that use documentary as a central tool in the classroom with a special focus on young people in need. And there’s so much more to do. 

Together we can continue to connect people to the issues that matter most and make a real difference. 

It’s an exciting time for documentaries internationally and we are leading the way here in Australia with a new model that embraces philanthropy and the social sector in offering stories that connect audiences to the issues that matter most. 

Thanks to your support, Documentary Australia is making a real difference.

We hope you enjoy our first ever 8 year review.


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