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A Documentary Australia Foundation initiative

Interested in documentary? 
Passionate about creating positive change? 

DocYOU is a Documentary Australia Foundation initiative that allows you to join a like-minded and engaged group of people that love documentary and want to bring about change to a range of different issues. 

For the past 7 years, Documentary Australia has forged strong alliances between philanthropists, Not-For-Profit’s (NFPs) and Community Organisations to support amazing documentaries that showcase important social and environmental issues which can result in truly powerful and lasting change. Documentary has the ability to amplify a message, highlight an issue and engage audiences. Documentary Filmmakers are passionate about their films and the issues they represent, Documentary Australia knows that many people care about these issues and want to affect change around them. 

DocYOU provides you with direct access to great films and their teams, it allows you to network with socially-minded individuals and provides you with the necessary tools to start the conversation amongst your own networks. 

We are very excited to present our new initiative and what it has to offer! 


What the program offers 

Direct access to the best documentaries and the filmmaking teams that make them possible 

Enjoy two Trailer Trash events per year hosted by Documentary Australia, host your own documentary screenings and more 

Be a part of a dynamic and like-minded group 

Become an advocate for documentary and the work that Documentary Australia does 

Get invited to Documentary Australia events

Help shape the future of social impact documentaries 

DocYOU Events 


Twice a year DAF will present Trailer Trash. A event that showcases 3 films covering 3 different issues selected by the DocYOU Group. Documentary Australia will host the event and select the filmmaking teams based on the group’s preferences. Each individual from DocYOU is asked to bring along 5-10 guests per event to broaden the reach of these films, the issues they highlight and what Documentary Australia does globally. A fantastic event for you and your peers that will only keep growing! 


Once a year we invite the DocYOU Group to come together around a meal and some drinks to provide feedback about the program and talk through any further ideas. The dinner is an opportunity to find out about Documentary Australia’s latest ventures and catch up with each other. The perfect setting to talk about the films that have moved you! 


Host your own screenings to a wider audience. Documentary Australia will provide access to films and all the tools you need to lead your own discussion around the issue you care about. Whether you want to raise awareness about a particular issue or film, or help raise funds for a particular project or charity, hosting your own screening will allow you to engage those around you with the issues you care about the most. 

Want to join? 

Do you think you would be a good fit for the DocYOU Group?
Want to learn more about social impact documentaries and start creating change within your own networks? Being a DocYOU member means you will be a part of a fantastic new community. Find out how you can be involved by getting in touch at





Phone:02 9397 1497

Mail:52 Victoria Street - Paddington NSW 2021 - Australia