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Screen It! 2017: Inspiration for making documentaries about time


ACMI have announced that their theme for Screen It! is TIME

Screen It! is the national competition for school-aged filmmakers, animators and game developers. ACMI is encouraging students to produce a live action film, animation or video game in response to the theme of ‘Time’. Entries are due on Monday 25th September 2017.

The True Nature of Time (57:51)


Your perception of time

Your Warped Perception of Time (02:52)

The past & the present

What Exactly is the Present? (07:52)

You Live in The Past (07:10)


How Long Will You Live? (06:25)

How Old Can We Get? (04:33)

The Speed of Life (07:40)

The speed of light

A Cosmic Speed Limit (02:18)

Play here

Will This Go Faster than Light? (06:39)

Time travel and the future

Is Time Travel Possible? (03:08)

Messages for The Future (22:11)

Dr Karl’s Time Travel is already possible (podcast 06:14)

Play here.

Time management

Why Everything Takes Longer Than You Expect (04:53)


TimeLine - A Brief Introduction To The History of Timekeeping Devices (08:31)


Play here.

There are heaps of methods that filmmakers use to represent time in filmmaking including time-lapse, montage, using frame speed and speed.

Using sound

Pacing for Video and Cinema Editors: Timing and Types of Cuts

ACMI has heaps more resources to support you making films about time, including a videoconference series that is informative, interactive, fun and free.

Each session runs for 45 minutes and is hosted by ACMI’s talented educators.

You can get information on such topics as:

• Exploring the theme of TIME

• Live action film techniques

• How to make an animation

• Video game creation 

More info here


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