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We promote the value and diversity of the Arts for Australian culture and society.

Leunig: A Tale in 16 Parts


Leunig: A Tale in 16 Parts aims to enrich Australia’s cultural life and celebrate the connection between the arts, humanities and a healthy community.

Fundraising Target: $78,000 to finish the film

With exclusive and intimate access to one of Australia’s National Living Treasures – Michael Leunig - this feature documentary will entertain, engage and enliven audiences everywhere with a revealing portrait of an enigmatic artist who just happens to be a household name. With an anarchic, playful and life affirming heart, the film celebrates self-expression, friendship, life and death, and the power of the imagination to ignite, enrage, heal and inspire.


Nothing To Lose 


Nothing to Lose will challenge fatphobia and body shaming and empower those who may be of bigger, or less abled bodies.

Fundraising Target: $7,000

Award winning dance theatre production, Nothing to Lose centred a cast of undeniably fat and queer performers- something that had never been seen on mainstream dance stages before, anywhere in the world.

Nothing To Lose reveals the deeply personal experiences of the cast, exploring ideas of Queering the body and what happens when you put fat bodies and the stories of the people who inhabit them, centre stage.



The Witch of Kings Cross


The Witch of Kings Cross explores provocative themes at the zeitgeist of contemporary society – censorship, freedom of religion, powerful women and art history.

Rosaleen Norton was the most persecuted, prosecuted and daring female artist in Australian history.

In 1950’s Sydney, Norton becomes a media sensation when the police confiscate her paintings and charge her with obscenity. Allegations of satanic rituals, unexplained murders and sex orgies hit the headlines. At the vanguard of feminism and the counter culture revolution, Rosaleen Norton was persecuted for her dangerous ideas that now appear prophetic.

The film is an inspirational story of a brave woman who dared to be different.



The Power and The Passion


The Power and The Passion will inspire young audiences to consider the power of collective experience to agitate for change in society, to address issues affecting new generations and build networks to connect people of like minds.

In 1984 Midnight Oil launch the tour for “Red Sails in the Sunset”. At the same moment a new political party, the Nuclear Disarmament Party approaches lead singer Peter Garrett to head their run for the Senate. With the support of the band he launches himself and Midnight Oil into a charged alliance of rock and politics.

With the music of Midnight Oil as a foundation we make a stand on issues that resonated for young people during the mid 80s and explore how Australian music is interwoven with the history of that time.



The Show Must Go On


The Show Must Go On will create a safe platform for individuals and organisations in the Australian Entertainment Industry to address the abnormally high rates of mental health conditions.

Fundraising Target: $155,000 to finish the film | $50,000 for the impact campaign

While the Australian entertainment industry is widely perceived as glamorous, fun, exciting, and well-paid, recent and alarming research paints a darker picture for entertainment workers. Suicide attempts in the industry are double the national average. Anxiety is 10 times higher, sleep disorders are 7 times higher, and depression is 5 times higher than the national average. 



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