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We support sustainability and protection for the Australian and global environment.

The Lake of Scars

The Lake of Scars will promote the archaeological and historical significance of a rare site in Victoria and seek to see the Lake recognised, and saved, for both its environmental and cultural significance.

Fundraising Target: $30,000

In a corner of Victoria exists a link to an ancient culture, unlike anywhere else in Australia.

While exploring the mysterious scarred trees, middens and stone scatters left at one remarkable site, we meet the people who are working against the clock - and the odds - to preserve what they can of the site. With organic relics at its heart - hundred year old scarred and dying trees - the film examines the preservation of culture and environment and hopes to bring respect and admiration of Indigenous history into the foreground.


Kimberley Project

Kimberley Project seeks to ensure that the 150 remote communities remaining in The Kimberley are not forced to close.

Fundraising Target: $70,000 to finish the film | $100,000 for the impact campaign

The world-famous Kimberley region is under threat, with mining and big agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab.

Kimberley Project advocates for Indigenous rights in relation to land, law and culture. It humanises a story currently overwhelmed by dollar signs and social statistics, giving voice to the resilient people who live in these places. 


The Seeds of Vandana Shiva 



The Seeds of Vandana Shiva will educate and inspire viewers to make changes in their own lives for ecological, social and personal health.

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva tells the remarkable life story of the controversial eco-activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, how she stood up to the corporate Goliaths of industrial agriculture, rose to prominence in the sustainable food movement, and inspired an international crusade for change.

The film focuses on the people, circumstances and seminal events that shaped Vandana’s thinking and defined her mission. As such the film provides illuminating insight into the mind of an extraordinary change-maker who is also a powerful role model for anyone seeking a more purposeful life.


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