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We support the right to information to help individuals make responsible informed decisions about their physical and mental health.

Power Marys



Power Marys will challenge attitudes and change behaviours regarding the treatment of women in Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Pacific.

Power Marys follows the journey of Papua New Guinea's first national women’s rugby league team to the world cup, and explores how women playing PNG’s male-dominated, national sport in the public eye for the first time is changing mindsets in a country where the status of women is one of the most troubling in the world.


Ka-Ching Pokie Nation


Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation aims to raise awareness of how pokie machines are programmed for addiction. In doing so, the film radically reframes how we view "problem gambling", shifting the blame from individuals with "problems" to the deliberately addictive design of these machine.

They've been called "electronic morphine" and "the crack cocaine of gambling". Ever wonder what makes Pokies so addictive? Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation takes you inside the machine to find out. In this ground-breaking expose, industry insiders break the silence around this highly secretive industry to explain how Pokies are rigged to keep you hooked. Learn from world-leading neuroscientists how Pokies work on the deepest levels of our brains. And see how our governments have become the biggest addicts of all.


The Show Must Go On



The Show Must Go On will create a safe platform for individuals and organisations in the Australian Entertainment Industry to address the abnormally high rates of mental health conditions.

Fundraising Target: $155,000 to finish the film | $50,000 for the impact campaign

While the Australian entertainment industry is widely perceived as glamorous, fun, exciting, and well-paid, recent and alarming research paints a darker picture for entertainment workers. Suicide attempts in the industry are double the national average. Anxiety is 10 times higher, sleep disorders are 7 times higher, and depression is 5 times higher than the national average.


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