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We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Communities’ culture and human rights.

Blue Water Empire


Blue Water Empire is a three part dramatised documentary series on the unique culture and incredible history of the Torres Strait Islands.

Blue Water Empire tells a largely unknown Indigenous history that aims to rebalance our sense of national identity and engender a sense of pride in Torres Strait Islanders about their history and culture.

Blue Water Empire are looking for outreach partners to support an educational strategy for schools and tertiary institutions.


In My Own Words 



Learning your ABCs as an adult can be a painstaking undertaking but for a group of blackfellas in the small Australian outback town of Brewarrina having a caring friend by your side makes all the difference in the world, in fact it can lead you to discover the transformative powers of reading and writing for the first time in your life.

It’s estimated that today in Australia between 40 - 65% of Aboriginal adults are functionally illiterate in English, but out in North West New South Wales moves are afoot to whittle away at this appalling statistic.

In My Own Words will air on NITV and SBS on 30 July 2017. 


Kimberley Project


Kimberley Project seeks to ensure that the 150 remote communities remaining in The Kimberley are not forced to close.

Fundraising Target: $70,000 to finish the film | $100,000 for the impact campaign.

The world-famous Kimberley region is under threat, with mining and big agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab.

Kimberley Project advocates for Indigenous rights in relation to land, law and culture. It humanises a story currently overwhelmed by dollar signs and social statistics, giving voice to the resilient people who live in these places.    


If you are interested in making a contribution to support DAF’s work within this area please contact us at info@documentaryaustralia.com.au



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