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Human Rights & Social Justice

We seek justice for disadvantaged people and communities and promote Human Rights for all.



We Live Here advocates for public housing to be on the public agenda and to influence policy that prioritises funding into public and affordable housing.

Fundraising Target: $30,000 to finish the film

When politicians and property developers threaten to knock down Sydney's Waterloo and force public housing battlers to the edges of the city, the locals fight back: their war cry an ambitious artwork, the making of which will both unite and divide.

As city housing increasingly becomes a battleground between rich and poor around the world, in Waterloo, Sydney, 5000 residents face losing their homes in the name of ‘rejuvenation', colonisation by developers and their home ownership obsessed clients.


Kimberley Project


Kimberley Project seeks to ensure that the 150 remote communities remaining in The Kimberley are not forced to close.

Fundraising Target: $70,000 to finish the film | $100,000 for the impact campaign

The world-famous Kimberley region is under threat, with mining and big agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab.

Kimberley Project advocates for Indigenous rights in relation to land, law and culture. It humanises a story currently overwhelmed by dollar signs and social statistics, giving voice to the resilient people who live in these places.


A Clever Label 


A Clever Label will give marriage equality advocates an ongoing resource to contribute to the debate around civil liberties and the difficulties faced by marginalised smaller groups in a representative democracy.

Fundraising Target: $50,000

A Clever Label is a VR documentary about the influence of the Australian Christian Lobby on Australian politics particularly on LGBTQI issues. It combines a personal story with an interactive room-scale VR experience to examine multiple sides of the topic.

A Clever Label looks at the alt-right’s obsession with defining “the other” and the damage homophobia causes to the whole of society - particularly when both LGBTI and anti-gay advocates use the same terms: “harm”, “respect”, “love” in opposing ways.


Focus: Refugees & Asylum Seekers

You See Monsters


You See Monsters challenges widespread assumptions about Australian Muslims and - in so doing - seeks to enrich the idea of what being an Australian means.

Australia’s demonisation of its Muslim population has taken on monstrous proportions. Nearly half the nation expresses negative or ambivalent attitudes towards Muslims, and Islam is represented as a threat to the much-vaunted ‘Australian way of life’. But a new generation of Australian Muslim artists is now fighting back against the growing tide of intolerance in Australia - not with defensive or apologetic arguments - but on the front foot using the power of their imagination to create works of art that are challenging the nation to take a long hard look at it itself.


Stop The Boats


Stop The Boats will be a tool for NFPs, community leaders and grassroots organisations to build their coalitions with a broad section of people to think and act upon the central challenges for asylum seeker policy and most importantly on how we as a community look after those who seek asylum on our shores.

Fundraising Target: $20,000 to finish the film

Stop the Boats tells the story of asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat set apart and now summarily rejected by a policy that challenges their very definition and reason. It looks at a national conversation that wonders how Australia got to this point so far removed from the international convention for refugees it signed in 1954. Asylum seekers and refugees recount their experiences of asylum seeking, of their flights from war, about the twilight zone of statelessness.


Scattered People


Scattered People demonstrates how music brings people and cultures together creating a world that is richer because of its diversity.

Two musicians seeking asylum in Australia encounter the Scattered People, a small band of kindred spirits who play music and create songs with asylum seekers and refugees as they discover their new identities. But will they find refuge in a country of sharply divided attitudes?

Music and a strong desire to help others can improve quality of life for people seeking asylum and will help build strong communities that lead to a more caring Australia.


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