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Documentary Australia Foundation is a unique and powerful advocate for social change through documentary storytelling  


Who We Are | What We Do

Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) is a unique advocate for social change through documentary storytelling. 
Documentary storytelling has the power to raise awareness, create empathy and inspire action on important social issues that affect us all.

Our model places documentary stories at the centre of social impact strategies by surrounding films with coalitions of partners, including funders, non profits, educators, policy makers, corporates and community.

We were established in 2008 to make it possible for philanthropists to tax-effectively collaborate with filmmakers to tell stories that change lives. We do this by granting approved films Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status. In that time we've helped raise more than $20 million for Australian documentary filmmakers, allowing them to share their stories and passion around Australia and the world.

We receive and manage grants and donations on behalf of approved films. DAF does not make or commission films.

We provide expertise, information, guidance and resources to help each sector work together to achieve their goals and maximise their social impact.

We celebrate social-documentary storytelling of excellence and provide pathways for audiences to engage with films that capture, shape and profile social issues and cultural stories which inspire change on a global level.

Why We Exist

We are the nation's only independent, non-profit initiative creating an alternative funding stream for documentaries.

The partnerships that result from the shared interests and passions of philanthropists, charities and documentary filmmakers can foster important and lasting change. 

Bringing important issues and themes into the living rooms, schools, community centres and cinemas of the nation can educate, inspire and drive fundamental social change with long-lasting effects.

READ an interview with Dr. Mitzi Goldman, CEO Documentary Australia Foundation via GoodPitch2Australia 


DAF was the recipient of the 2013 AIDC Stanley Hawes Award for outsanding contribution to the Australian documentary film industry and was a nominee for the 2015 Sydney Peace Prize - an acknowledgement of the power of documentary as a uniting tool in the pursuit of peace.

Information for filmmakers

Creating a profile and registering your project is simple. If you’re an Australian documentary filmmaker or producer with a project that needs support, head to GET APPROVED, follow the prompts, read through our resources and you’ll be fundraising for your film in no time.

Information for donors

Support social change by donating to a documentary film today. You can make a tax-deductible donation that we will then gift to the film of your choice or you can support DAF directly.

Visit FILMS to find a documentary project you love.






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